Is It Worth The Extra Time To Make A Restaurant Quality Chicken?

Learn the difference between a Restaurants chicken and a homemade one. the results may surprise you, I know they did surprise me.

Restaurant Chicken Brine Recipe:
4 quarts water (2 quarts to boil the aromatics and 2 quarts of ice so you can use it right away
1 cup kosher salt
2 lemons halved
1garlic bulb halved
1/2 bunch Italian parsley
12 sprigs thyme
40 peppercorns
1/4 cup honey
2 bay leaves (optional)



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  • My favorite ongoing thing is beating up the fridge.

    Paul Scanlon 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • I'm not the only one that laughed too hard at that wish-bone removal. Am I? That looked…uhm…yeah hahaha Very informative vid though, thanks. That fridge!

    Wes 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Can you brine then freeze? I mean to use up the brine solution or is that counter productive. Great video btw

    General Zod 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • spatchcocked allows for even cooking without having to truss. I was surprised that the legs would be at 175 while the breast is just hitting 140.

    Edit: Also I find that spathcocking allows for the skin to dry a bit faster for me. I definitely need to use ghee so it can reach a higher smoke point.

    triad6425 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • The texture youre not liking from the brined chicken DARK meat…would be fixed by dry brining where you can control how much salt is applied to the dark meat

    ryan perdew 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Just wondering why do you kick punch your refrigerator?

    Van Yugo 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • You are definitely entertaining Sonny.
    You're the best chef on YouTube!
    Thank you 😃

    Tonia Whitinger 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • 56 min as says 1hour 20 most people

    Jason Turoff 20/10/2022 am3:35
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  • this is so helpful, thank you

    Vince 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • restaurant quality bird: HUGE MISTAKE. All that time and work drying out that bird only to baste with wet stuff. Makes no sense to me and gordon ramsey.

    san dy 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Watching this at 12:00a.m. my nouth is watering. So hungry and I'm craving roast chicken. Goin to the store tomarrow and getting a chicken. By all means please do another video on how to take a home cooked chicken to another leval.

    JustJoe 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Hey, Dude! As alternative to brining, truly putting a stick of butter. I’ll let the butter come to room temp, mix in a bunch of herbs and then wrap it in plastics to make it a stick again, and put it in the fridge (or freezer to speed it up) to make it stiff again. Then I’ll cut the stick I made into six equal pieces and place them under the skin- 2 for each breast, and one for each of the thighs and legs. The breast come out super moist, and that might solve your texture problem for the legs and thighs. Let us know if it’s works for you!

    A. H. 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • My husband was watching this with me and asked me to let you know we don't like you trying to get rid of your fridge faster by breaking it. Send entitled so just donate a working fridge…

    Lisa Mitchell 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • start with ORGANIC CHICKEN for greater flavor

    Robert Hart 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • No one else is going mention how awesome he is for sitting there and damn near eating two whole chickens. 😂

    Channing Harris 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Interesting. Brining. Do they also brine pork and beef. Or is only for chicken.

    Jon 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Noticed you are using “Made In” cookware. Since you are moving to Austin next month, will you be working with them?

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    Jeff Konstanzer 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Instruction unclear, the restaurant's was worse

    FuMe 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • so im super poor, but love cooking.. i buy frozen chicken and can't always afford the good stuff. i tried slow cooking, boiling a stock, dropping chicken in, 7 minutes and let rest.. still chew.

    how can i make frozen ghetto tyson bags of breast with rib meat work…

    Operaton Creation 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Forget all this – Combi oven at 100% steam, then when cooked. 350c until skin is brown. Job done

    DuzBee 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • CHALLENGE – Your approach to chicken seems very delicious, and repeatable by most viewers…but can you give us a similar delicious recipe/appraoch for GOOSE? It shouldn't be just for Christmas anymore, right?

    Argus 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • I think you should hit somewhere in between, meaning – close the entire cooking time around 24h. How about dry rub all around with aromatics and air dry done together within 24h. Then just roast and see the result. Much love!

    jakub gadzala 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • So one thing is funny, the home version on the outside looks to be cooked more even. I guess the wings on the counterpart got dried more quick due to salt and air exposure.

    jakub gadzala 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • I love your edits, that red background in the beginning rocks!

    jakub gadzala 20/10/2022 am3:35
  • Brine in buttermilk over night. Add flavors in brine.
    Add flavor in chicken cavity before cooking.

    If you choose. Turn chicken over half way through cooking

    Bast with butter and flavors during cooking

    That's how I cook a chicken

    Diane Willson 20/10/2022 am3:35