International Pizza Taste Test

Where in the world do these international pizzas come from? GMM # 2252

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  • This segment is getting hard to watch due to the fact that link can’t come up with his own answer

    austin thorsen 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Seriously coming to the conclusion Link can't win these games and shouldn't even try.

    Zeldas Champion 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link can’t possibly be that bad at this game 🤦🏽‍♀️ I love you, Link, but you gotta step your game up 😂😂

    Hula Hula 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Pizza Portuguesa -> Brasil … Great Logic

    João Vaz 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I have to say that you have made a big and strange mistake. Poles never equate ZAPIEKANKA with pizza. It has nothing to do with each other at all. I do not know where you got this idea from, but I think you have misled a lot of people. If you wanted to show a "Polish" pizza you should have used an ingredient such as sausage on it. However, it would be best if you showed a so-called 'podpłomyk'. This is a thin dough made in a pan with toppings. This would just be the best way to show a 'substitute' for pizza in Poland, although I don't think many people eat it. We just eat regular pizza. Usually, Polish pizza is just with sausage on the menu. But to compare a ZAPIEKANKA to a pizza? That's the first I've heard of it. You said ZAPIEKANKA is called Polish pizza, nonsense. I don't think you have prepared very well xD

    Klaudia Świat 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • The globe bit uhh…seems like something more for a kids channel.

    sweetbabygirl13 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Why is his shirt too small. I'm so confused. Is this an inside joke or..?

    sweetbabygirl13 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Id rather eat surströmming than that currybanana pizza…we have one pizza in Sweden to rule them all and that's a kebabpizza with everything on…

    T S 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link take a hint from your last throw that stuck straight in the board because you threw it hard it was also by far the closest you were to actually hitting the spot you meant to hit

    Justin Josephson 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Should’ve done kebabpizza for Sweden

    Zestras 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I'm starting to believe link has fully given up on this game

    Troy Major 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • WTF? Theres no fkin italy on this map

    Marcin Filipiak 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Well the crew screwed up the camera angle caught rhett talking as the globe but not like we didn't already know that but way to go camera crew 🤣😝

    Jamie Ash 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Links advantage should be a pro darts player.

    heyheyhey520 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • This was painful to watch lol

    Molly B 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Have you guys ever tried the loser going first?

    McKoala 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link needs to think for himself once in a while

    zach morris 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Pizza Portuguesa is AWESOME. One of my favorites in Brazil.

    Ablagirl 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Not Rhett knowing what the theme of the episode is and still struggling to find what you get if you memorize all of your multiplication tables in 3rd grade.

    theawesomebeastlie 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • You had me on your side Link…til the Canada comment!! 🇨🇦

    Deborah Coghill 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I just had pizza fritta in Italy and that is NOT pizza fritta🤦🏼‍♂️

    Andy 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I'm Jamaican…anddd no.

    Bii ♡ 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Love the Brazilian pizza up in there! LOVE IT! <3

    Lara Vituri 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Me: watching youtube for the first time on my new huge computer
    Me: Do they always have all of these close ups???? XD

    El Ivie 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Scotland Yard is obviously in the centre of London xxx

    Robbsart 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • These episodes are getting more and more ridiculous and unwatchable

    Michael Allen 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Rhett does know the answers more often than normal

    Michael Allen 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link needs to go first so he can have his own answers 😭🤣

    SkyElizGaming 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Chase….put on some clothes

    CJ 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Polish pizza is the best 😫🇵🇱

    VisaCreditCard 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Only in New York

    Dylan Mahoney 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Rhett in that Pizza Sweater is the kink I never new I had and never knew i needed!! =D

    keksteig 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • As a Brazilian I'd say you need to put 4x more toppings to make that pizza legit 🤣 the pizzas there are LOADED.

    Bianca Neves 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Constructive Criticism: Link always needs to go first.

    Jake Bolden 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • i dont know anyone who order banana pizza, but yea, they exists 🙁
    maybe kebab pizza would been too obvious tho

    Belnick6666 22/10/2022 am11:32

    JayZ LC 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Yeah yo I’m from Canada bruh

    Hayden Cutter 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link could improve his dart game if he just aimed near Rhett’s dart when he doesn’t know the answer because Rhett usually has better/more logical guesses thank Link.

    Julien Lamberto 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • The swedish pizza is called Africana FYI, And also kebabpizza would have been more typical 😉

    Harald Olivegren 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Link needs the FART again

    Dead Soul Walking 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I don't say much in Canada, don't you worry Link 😂😅

    Josalynn D 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • I live in Sweden but have never seen that pizza

    ghost Ali 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • That Brazil pizza looks so delicious 😋

    MizzPretty Huston 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Had Link chosen Australia, he could have gone the other way around the globe to be closer to Brazil 😂

    Khanh Kha Minh 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Seen the deep fryed pizza triangles in a chip shops in Scotland.

    Classic Trials Channel 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Sweden should be kebab pizza

    Alfred Edström 22/10/2022 am11:32
  • Id totally be cool if we never do the globe bit again.

    jkeeney2010 22/10/2022 am11:32