I’m Still Obsessed with this Weird Sandwich I made Drunk 18 Years Ago

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Paper Thin Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Pepperoni, Melted Mozzarella and Mustard on a Roll
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Sunday Supper Episode 1


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  • Looks Yummy!

    Deb C 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • “Organic” chicken. Gotcha.

    TCVB491 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • So chicken milanesa!

    aquaagu2 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Has anyone ever told you look like an Italian bad bunny?

    Dr. J 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Chickens in the US aren't "roided" up..

    Adam Stankard 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • basically, you did an Argentine Milanesa…. 😀

    ExpTube1969 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • I do this almost exactly but with the Panko I add shredded Parmesan. Makes a great sandwich or just good as is. Problem I have is getting them so thin. I need to use a fish filet knife or something, I always put holes in mine or tear them. Just cannot get them thin enough.

    LogicalRationalFishing 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • 6:39 wtf?

    Roberto González 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • normal polish dinner

    DANDYZXXI 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • You cant give chickens hormones or steroids so anyone claiming it on a package means nothing just has to do with the environment and feed.

    Arch Angel 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Chicken Parm Ala Saltimbocca… on a roll

    Andrew Hill 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • “Pounding them beats the meat up too much”

    I felt that..

    1stNumberOne 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • This looks really good. I love the technique of just slicing the chicken thin and not killing it with a mallet. Very smart

    Mr. NotSoCreative 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • This sandwich is much better than nose candy.

    Jujutrini 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • We call this schnitzels sandwiches or schnitty sanga.

    christopher cartlidge 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Greag Video! Great Looking Sandwich!! Im mind Blown

    CHILD OF GOD 777 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • That looks like one of the best sandwiches ever. I'm going to have to try that.

    margaret whittaker 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • That sandwich a be crazy with some hot peppers 💯

    GamingWitAstro 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • YUM

    The Cake Glutton 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • You did all this while you were drunk?

    King 595 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Been watching you for a couple years…..hearing the testimony of your younger years and how they've tied into your culinary adventures now is a breath of fresh air. The honesty is very becoming of you sir…..

    Travis Becker 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • location says ny but the accent seems more staten island than any other boro

    yea right 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • When I make my thinly sliced spicyturkey cheddar cheeses thin slice w lettuce salt pepper vinegar oil spicy mustard & mAyo it hits the spot & I have to cut it into 6 pieces idk why it feels better

    Gucci Demeanor 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • You should just call them schnitzels man…

    Pýtr 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Im so happy to hear we aren't the only family eating cutlets religiously

    Ryan Loughlin 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • 0:02 You looked like Jake Peralta's chubbier brother, Cake Peralta

    FireHurricane 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Welp. I'm making this ish for sure. I'm drooling. . .

    scottyplug 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • Getting the deli pepperoni tonight on my way home. Can't wait to make these tomorrow.

    ninjaswordtothehead 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • When he said, my degenerate friends that made me laugh 😂 😂 😂.

    I will be trying this for the family. I'll have to use mushrooms for myself. 😬😬🤓

    Connie Brown 17/10/2022 pm10:18
  • damn that was some good A sandwich 🤤

    Tiago Carvalho 17/10/2022 pm10:18