I'm glad this dessert shop is far away from me

Thai dessert-inspired butter board: https://youtu.be/aTcrj9nSV6I

Mont Nom Sod
160 1-3 Dinso Rd
Sao Chingcha
Phra Nakhon
Bangkok 10200, Thailand

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  • Can u plz make chatpata maggi👍

    LEMO 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Me: looking for recipes to try them at home
    I don't need the shop, just the ingredients lol

    Dwi 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Day 14 of asking lisa to try northeast Indian food (especially axone or akhuni Naga food that is fermented soya beans) it's mostly eaten with pork curry.

    Emma lee 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Looks yummy 😋

    Reni Mathews 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • ah glad for u

    Yueer Zhao 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Foreigners are very cruel
    Indians are best😇

    ATHEIST 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Hi

    AstroGaming 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Am going to Thailand please send me the location

    Uyujj Hjjjk 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Did u try the toast ?

    Weed_smoker 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • It's kinda similar to Shahi tukra

    Nafeesa 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • lmao glad its far away? oh no because no one can make toast at home with toppings :/ lmao

    Josh Tiley 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • brooo this is so yummie looking

    Mehaque Khanum 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Lisa you should start your own restaurant

    Smillaschimdt 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Lol can you pin me (No reason)

    Activeman435 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • I love this place so much the pandan kaya toast is so good and I love to order their hot milk along with it their milk is so fresh and creamy

    Orn Gumpusiri 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Hi Lisa! I have a food suggestion for you

    So you need a avocado,hot Cheetos,and tajin

    First crush the Cheetos until they look like dust

    Then cut the avocado in half

    After that sprinkle the tajin

    And finally put the crushed Cheetos on top of the avocado and enjoy it!

    Note: you can put all of that on toast including the avocados but you will have to toast the toast

    Dk what to name myself 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • looks like diabetes

    sandwit ht 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • I just thought that you didn't like the shop and that's the reason you are saying it is good that it is far away from you…

    But i was totally wrong😶

    Abhiram M 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Day 2 of asking to make sweet and pan it canton (from Philippines)

    anonymous 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • “I saved the best for last”
    “I was wrong”

    I thought she was going to say that chocolate was her least favorite

    Gab 24/10/2022 am12:49
  • Orange jam is called marmalade…

    Sukama Youtube 24/10/2022 am12:49