I Tested 5 Tips To Make The Best Roast Chicken

Mayonnaise on a chicken?! Katie is back in her home kitchen, and with chilly weather approaching she’s craving some deliciously juicy, soul-warming roast chicken. Follow along as Katie tries 5 different hacks to make the best roast chicken recipe ever! And let us know in the comments what’s your roast chicken tip!

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Katie Aubin




  • Hey Tasty! When will A video of the making it big series come out? I've been waiting for 9 months!

    dalilapple 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • This was the best and most entertaining food recipe video I have ever watched! Your Mom and Aunt did a great job! Your friends did a great job also. The chicken song with your husband was super awesome!!

    Cassandra Jean-Louis 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • I always use lemons and butter but I really going to have to try the mayo and orange. definitely going to salt the chicken the night Before as . thanks

    Kayleigh's Kitchen 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Nice😋😋

    Saad Summiya 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Chikan
    Chikan,😀 starte line Chikan Chikan 2 much🥰

    Saad Summiya 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • OMG ur aunt and mom!! Awesome!! So cute that they took the video 4 different times. It turned out awesome!

    Leo Slytherin 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • 1. Yes dry brine, add some baking powder for extra crispness. 2. Spatchcock for even cooking 3. No moisture additions in the cavity or underneath, they just steam and make the skin less crispy 4. Higher heat than even that, 500 is good, use a broiler plan to reduce splatter 5. 150 max in breast, 165 min in thigh. Spatchcoking helps to hit these temps.

    billsparky16 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Shoutout to aunt pat and mom

    Avocana 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • without having to taste it..i'm sure this food is very delicious..🤤🤤

    Simple Cooking 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Cooking dinner for a friend…I'm going to try this…..If he doesn't like it, someone over at Tasty owes me a date ; – )

    Chi Town Chei 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Yummy 😋 👍🌺 BUONO&SANO BY Sofia 👈

    BUONO&SANO By Sofia 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • This chicken really looks amazing! Thanks for sharing! 😊

    Could Be Cooking 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • What the hell is it with yanks and their mayo? SMH

    Fall Witch 1 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • A chicken is a "she", get it right.

    Hasan Ali 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • You should make a giant gingerbread

    ShadowNinja 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Saving this video for when I’m going to prepare some chickens for Christmas!

    SynX 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Quality chicken but what happened at the end? Did she becomes a child again after eating chicken? lol

    Jaztine Jimenez 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • The chicken’s “back legs” … ??? 😂

    TorreyCat77 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Shout out to Katie's mom and aunt for the tips! Can't wait to try them!!

    s 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Katie's Mum and Aunt are soo cute!!

    Rebecca Batt 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Hi mom and aunt pat 😚🥰😎

    Levy The Full Circle 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Iam hungry need money urgent

    Ismail vloger 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • My pro tip: Spend 9 bucks and buy it pre roasted at the market.

    Christopher Lau 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • What did you do to the onion and orange afterwards?

    LeftistUprising 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Ok ok ok. I am Ashkenzi Jewish and I know we cook Al the "wrong way" but we have a way of making the best chicken! The best is Passover chicken.

    D.L 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • If Alvin sees this will there be a season 3 for tasty making big?

    RustyBulba 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Anyone else desperately waiting for another chef out of water episode?

    trishk kal 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • looks delicious~

    Bella Wang 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Yay!!! Hi Katie's mom and aunt!

    TheHonorsKid 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Poke holes or cut slashes in the chicken skin. This lets steam come out which sogged your skin. Works great for just chicken thighs on the grill as well. You should also butterfly/Spatchcock the bird so the sides of the chicken 'see' the heat. The 425 cooks faster = less moisture lost, but can burn the breast but leave the bottom raw unless you flatten the bird. The orange zest in the Mayo was a great idea. Mayo often has lemon juice inside which is why Mayo works well. HINT: Squirt some mayo into your scrambled eggs next time.

    Robert McElfresh 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • AHHHH: You need to put some salt & sugar mix under the skin to season the MEAT.

    Robert McElfresh 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Anything is an orange if you're brave enough. I cut the chicken up, into a roasting pan with spices, 500 for 20 minutes per side.

    BeeRich33 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • I assembled several tips.

    Number of tips: 5

    Gabriel Frutuoso 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • katie, chris!!!
    rachhloveslife, christopher!!!!
    love them both so much! ❤️

    Sumayyxah_S 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Separating the skin from the meat also helps make the skin really crispy and meat nice and moist

    Carissa Renard 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Pls pls pls bring back I draw you cook🥰🧁❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Mark Owens 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • That vegan teacher would be screaming 😂

    Ayesha Asif 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • This channel is soo funny!😂😂🤩🤩
    Great recipe👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Chef Mladen 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • 0:000:05 "Look at all those chickens"

    Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • your aunt and mom filming multiple times is such an aunt/mom thing to do! so cutee

    BYEONGARI 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Superb 😍👍

    Ceylon Food Lover 22/10/2022 am8:54

    Cheetah Shadow 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Poor pats mom lol

    isabell 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Tigers also love pepper .

    WRB-Berto 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Tqs for sharing ,5 tips to make the Best Roast Chicken,

    R Family's Kitchen 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • This looks amazing 👍👍

    Delicious Cakes 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • 425° of what? I guess it’s for Kelvins. Because everyone uses that.

    Jeppe 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • Notice she said she is cutting the orange to quarters but sliced it in half before so it is actually eights

    Amnon S 22/10/2022 am8:54
  • That looked SO good

    Shalini Chauhan 22/10/2022 am8:54