I remastered Adam Ragusea's Crispy Oven Fries.

Welcome to Episode 2 of Recipes Remastered (thanks for the name @SuperCookieGaming), where I review popular recipes and try to improve them based on taste, texture, cost, or speed by using food science then do a side by side taste test at the end. Today, we take a look at Adam Raguesea’s Crispy Oven Fries.

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Episode Premise: (0:00)
Adam’s Recipe Breakdown: (1:05)
How can the fries be cooked faster?: (1:47)
How can the fries have better structure?: (2:47)
Why the fries should be internally seasoned: (3:31)
Step by step recipe: (4:20)
Taste Test: (7:03)
Difference between deep-fried and oven fries: (10:20)



  • Links and stuff:
    ► My Crispy Oven Fries Recipe: https://www.ethanchlebowski.com/cooking-techniques-recipes/crispy-oven-fries
    ► Adam's Video: https://youtu.be/m6kcANnAJSo


    – The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez: https://amzn.to/2COYNc2

    – Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat: https://amzn.to/3eI8IOu

    Music provided by Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/33cnNZ (Free 30 day trial, affiliate link)

    Ethan Chlebowski 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • I have to wait 2 hours for fries? I'd rather go to mc donalds Lol

    William 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • People that are critical of the recipe


    SaltyHQ 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • I'm pretty sure ragusea would have something to say about adding vinegar

    Mootney Vlogs 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Vinegar is double edge sword. More wiggles, less crispy. Thats why people often boil potatoes with baking soda to get crispier potatoes.

    carved wood 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • are you from poland?

    Krzysztof Horzyk 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • So far i've been experimenting with medium to big sized wedges meant for atleast 3 people. I would say that I can reach a decent level of crisp, but the problem is that they take about 1 to 2 hours and depending on the amount of oil. Becuase it's pricey these days I need to turn them about every 10 minutes to avoid burning them before they reach their crisp.

    Chefs Kiss 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • This nigga more of a scientist than a home cook💀😭

    Blu 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Delicious potato wedges versus same kind of delicious potato wedges.

    Draw now let me eat both!

    WERNUTZ 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • the vinegar doesn't affect the flavour??

    Sharon Raboy 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Please make video for no oil French fries

    Nayan Mipun 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • i like that you improved without leaving the original basis of the premise which was french fries that don't require a gallon of oil and are reliable for any occasion.

    KawaiiJoaco 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Adam: "heterogeneity"

    KevinChan 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • i think for the average home cook looking for a quick evening french fries, adam raguseas: throw everything into the oven with whatever seasoning you have, is a pretty good option

    645 Araf 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Yea i finna just throw whole potatoes in boiling water and chicken in deep fryer. 15 min meal

    Rose Knuckles 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Why I fry my plate and not the potatoes

    X _ 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • What kind of effect does freezing have on the fries if they're already blanched?

    I E 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Did he have a beef with Adam or something??? 😭😭😭

    Feika 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Can't lie, i don't boil the fries. I put them straight into the oven after cutting lol

    Ryan Veira 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Any recommended alternative to peanut oil for those of us who have or live with people that have nut allergies?

    Calamack 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Honestly, Adam's look better from the thumbnail 😂.

    Chac Schao 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • This is why In-N-Out fries taste so bland! They don't season them in salted water before cooking them!

    Killermike2178 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • "Just by adding a tablespoon of vinegar…."
    Proceeds by adding half a cup

    baivulcho 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • I’m sorry I love adams vids but his fries just got shit on by this guy.

    Kincade May 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • How to speed this up even more you ask??!

    Toss them in olive oil, put them in an air fryer after boiling.
    10-15 minutes at 400 degrees, crispeh taters.

    NFG Motorsports 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Thanks for sharing!

    Amos Nichols 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • They should do away with ovens. It's a power intensive monster.

    Arun Subhramanium 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Amazing

    Jeremiah Nji 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Yours look so much more like
    normal fries

    TheMiningTeam 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • I remember when Adam commented on this video and let us all know why his recipe is better.

    I've learned more applicable, life altering techniques from Adam than I have from probably anyone else on YouTube. But I'd obviously rather hang out with a down to earth guy like Ethan.

    Swine-Flew 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Where does the body store french fries?

    Groß 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Came out good thanks Ethan 💪🏽

    bryan obeso 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • So I reckon you were tasting the vinegar, not the salt. Salt does however help to soften the potatoes and increases thermal conductivity making the water heat up faster. It slightly increases the boiling temperature, however.

    Ha 18/10/2022 pm10:34
  • Try tossing them in Cajun spice.

    positive vibe 18/10/2022 pm10:34