I got SCHOOLED on Birria Tacos by a Master, ft. @La Capital

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1 large Sweet Onion
20 Garlic Cloves (Pestle Mortar)
1 tbsp Ginger Paste
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5 Dry Chili Guajillo https://amzn.to/3Cp3wu6
5 Dry Chili Arbol https://amzn.to/3wVI2E8
1 tbsp Spice Berry https://amzn.to/30uwRWC
1 tbsp Black Pepper
1 tbsp Cumin
1 tbsp Oregano
½ Stick Cinnamon
3 tbsp Salt
¼ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
2 liter Water

* Green Salsa *
10 Tomatillos
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Serrano Pepper
3 tbsp Cilantro
2 Avocado
Salt & Pepper to Taste

* Red Salsa *
10 tomatillos
3 Garlic Cloves
½ White Onion
20 Arbol Chili https://amzn.to/3wVI2E8
3 tbsp Cilantro
Salt & Pepper to Taste

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  • These tacos is next to making love they so darn good 😂

    vern dolla 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Since when ppl dip the tacos in the broth…
    In Mexico we use a spoon for the broth (or soup)
    It is not a dipping sauce.
    I am a Mexican born and raised in Mexico City.

    A D 19/10/2022 am5:54

    Chris Mayer 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • i have been watching for about 20 seconds and im gonna go ahead and say those look like the best tacos iv ever seen

    David Stuck 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Why not everything in Spanish ?

    Matt Caviedes 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • For me the challenge is getting those chiles blended so they aren’t prickly little hard pieces after blending. Should I strain the mixture?

    The Realist 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • You didn't mentioned what is the name of the Chiles. C'mon Man!

    Miguel Velasco 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • how much short rib did you use?

    Marvin Garcia 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Could you explain how you got green tomatillo sauce from the blender to turn orange in color? I missed that step.

    Lynn Kramer 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Guga eres un chingon. Por algo México y Brasil siempre se llevan bien y en todo…

    LuperSHio84 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • A little bit of context about who the guest is: so you all understand better, let’s say this guy is somewhat the Mexican version of Gordon Ramsey (minus the whole yelling and being mean) everyone in Mexico knows him, and even the biggest streamers from Spain/Argentina/chile know about him, 100% Mexican and still living here, which means that everything he cooked was made with genuine Mexican ingredients, guga got the best of the best, and you can tell.


    Pericles Legendario 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • u didnt toast the tacos in the fat

    Even Vern 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • First time I hear Oscar speaking English

    spickyboy 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • I love these .

    Drew Price 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • When a Mexican tells you something is spicy, believe him.

    foosmonkey 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Simply delicious

    Marco A. Tejeda 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • U burn them not true Mexican

    Opo Pupu 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Question: Your recipe only calls for 3 different types of chilis (5 each), but in your video you have 4 trays of chilis. Did you add extra of one type ? Or did your recipe leave something out ?

    Loop-T-Loops 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • When he said Beria I had to leave

    Isaias Martinez 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Thanks oscar 🙏🏻 thanks guga ❤

    Ismael Uvina 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Special Mexican cheese? What kind? Chihuahua? Oaxaca? Quesabirria is my new passion.

    Jianju69 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • I have that exact knife from Dalstrong. Its cut thousands of pounds if potatoes.

    Junkhead817 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • “Kicks a punch”…
    That means it’s really spicy LoL

    Kristina Mohammed 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Guga tenia que decir y "pimientra negra recien molida", es el secreto de oscar

    Pedro Ortiz 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • Es más una birriadilla que un taco de birria. Pero, ambas son MUY ricas presentaciones.

    Liam Alejandro Escamilla Hernández 19/10/2022 am5:54
  • We are making these this weekend, did anyone catch the name of the special Mexican cheese they use?

    jaywilli2020 19/10/2022 am5:54