I Flew from NYC to ITALY to Compare Pizza (NYC vs Naples)

I Flew from NYC to ITALY to Compare Pizza (NYC vs Naples)
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Flying from New York City to Naples, Italy to compare pizza. Representing NYC we have Joe’s pizza and for Naples we have L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele. Both pizzas were incredible but there can only be one winner.

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  • I never ate pizza

    Sameer 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Judging from looks, I don’t agree lol

    a RICH and JAZZY Life 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Imagine being so out of touch and doing this, this boy is a joke

    Keith Quinn 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • I live in California and thats the biggest pizza ive ever seen

    Leafy 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Basically American pizza is better tasting and more unhealthy, to Italy being healthy and still pretty good honestly, you never forget having Italian pizza.

    Wizard M 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • The Italian Pizza is your classic 6.8

    Jon Rover 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • How you went to trash nyc spots lol Foh then in Italy went to known spots go to to bleekers in nyc

    Fabolous Jada 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Wait….you got a slice of pizza through customs/security? Don't they make you toss out your food/drinks?

    Clayton Young 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • You do have great Neapolitan pizzas in NY which would make for a better comparison. But I get the point of comparing to classic NY style of pizza.

    Alexandre 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • My man’s went to Italy and ate nothing bust sauce bread 😂😂😂 I’ll make sure to make my own food if I ever visit there ol

    Mr Sweet 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Neapolitan pizza all tastes the same to me. It’s good but not great. Extremely overrated

    Matt Olson 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • italians take their food WAY to seriously lol

    FlatTire 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • NY pizza.. its kinda sucks. Napoli have the best pizza texture and flavour. Its like same story as carbonara.. american add on cream. American have no food culture at all.

    Amazing Sunset 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Eyyy I like this keep making videos like this! Like macaroons ! Or street tacos and like peninis ! Or like Indian food yk ! Panda Express or burgers !

    M4ri4m roses 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Nyc doesn’t have the best pizza .. New Jersey and Connecticut has the best pizza

    Pica 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • americans only have and eat gmo's , and food with msg… why you even compare american food vs european ..

    -Cliche 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • That nyc pizza slice is as big as a whole pizza

    5tan!3y_2481 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Looks kinda runny

    Corey Fuchs 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Oh Joe's Pizza is just so good 😍 have yet to try anything as good. Making me crave a slice.

    Plates of Tate 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Try Argentinian Pizzas, specially in Buenos Aires and believe me, there's no way back.
    Argentina has an strong influence from Italian food bc their emigrants. The rest it's just an amazing mix between both cultures.

    Julián Vaca 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • NY? Clean tap water??? Are you joking?

    The Drip Chicken 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • East or west Domino's is best

    Gaming Master 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • You should come and eat pakistani pizza you are going to become a fan of Pakistan

    Abubakar BinSajid 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • E che ce dovevi prende l'aereo per confrontà LA pizza co na ciofega?

    LX VI 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Did you really just compare an American Pizza to Pizza from Naples as if it were a question that the American Pizza will never beat the real thing?

    The Bucketlist 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • 1:57 This is the most stupid thing i've ever heard ngl 🙂

    Louis Lamptey 21/10/2022 pm7:54

    Anthony Caramanica 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • 1:35 how is this perfect is just black and limp BRUH

    marco kondriuk 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • 1 -0 italy. palla al centro

    lorenzodepanfilis 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Pls Next time go to "quartieri spagnoli" and say someone "forza juventus". They'll love it

    Leonardo Pintus 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Cuban style pizza is also pretty good. I go to this place called Polo Norte and they have good variety 🙂

    Vulcan Raven 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Typical food blogger. Da Michele is the best pizza OMG, bla bla. I've been to Naples this summer and I've waited in queue for about 2 hours in order to get inside, and guess what, it was bellow average and the staff was meh. Please save you some time and go somewhere else. I can suggest you Pizzeria Da Attilio which is a culinary masterpiece.

    fikusa87 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Italy>>>>>NYC>anywhere else

    Yesong Liu 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • new yorks tap water is horrible just like everwhere in the us

    JAY MONCLER! 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Don’t even have to watch this to know NYC has the best pizza

    XXFL4MINGD34THR4GEXX 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • New Haven is the best in the WORLD

    Vinay Polavarapu 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • Smell ect like pupu shiet
    H made napoletana this is flavor pizzaa
    This is cheep chees and flavor

    MrDizaier 21/10/2022 pm7:54
  • New York pizza isn’t even the best in the US. That title belongs to new haven

    guitareater69 21/10/2022 pm7:54