I Bought EVERY Ridiculous Bread Product I Could Find

I searched the Internet & bought EVERY SINGLE ridiculous BREAD product that I could find. Designer bread bags, bread pillow, bread shoes, bread earrings… I think I’ve officially lost my mind.

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  • I'm so sorry for corrupting you with bread related items but you have to admit they're pretty cool 😂

    Yammy 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • At the start she should have said I think I’m bready

    Roblox - America 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • 12:31 is so hilarious😂😂😂😂

    Love clxudy 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • why bread thought

    icloudey☁️;o 23/10/2022 am4:38

    Selena Cutie 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Are we all going admit that Lauren is addicted to bread 🥐🍞🥖🥯

    Heather Mireles 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Am I the only one that when I was little I got a small bag a ziplock bag and small pieces of onion and put them in the ziplock and went to the park and just sucked on the onions
    If you have done it please comment so I know I’m not the only one

    Sylv🌈 23/10/2022 am4:38

    KatwinterFOX 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • girl you wear those bread bags with any outfit and you own that look and don't give a crap to what other people think

    little Wolf 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Theres a band named bread Lauren

    Dana Henry 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • bread.

    MiniFae 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Ok here's some bread and cat related puns! (Buns?)
    -You donut even know how much i loaf cats! Especially the pure-bread cats that are in a loaf form! Sometimes they are a croissant or baguette but then they are not pure-bread.
    You can thank me later!

    Kim E 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • What if every future video the shoes she’s wearing in the room is the bread slippers

    SiamiseArt 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Huh this is I M starting watching sorry

    the three cats 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • At this point…we all know now Lauren is BREAD crazy…

    Danganropa Queen 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • i can imagane Lauren as an old lady with her bread bags walking around giving kids bread from her bag 🙂

    NUŠA MAJCEN 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Bread deer queen: It is time to buy bread themed things today 🙂

    Bread 🍞 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • Yammy why did you tell Lauren

    DinoVicky the Sister 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • POV: you give your wife unlimited money on your card😂☠️

    -Amethyst- 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • I happen to be called bland, because my favorite food is bread. Happy to know I’m not alone. 😂 I also named my cat loaf, too. But my parents wanted me to use a Hamilton name, so I chose Aaron Purr

    Anna Meritt 23/10/2022 am4:38

    Reagan Miller 23/10/2022 am4:38
  • hey Lauren can you tell me the back story of why you like some bread so much pls in my comments pls

    carcar lover of all animals 23/10/2022 am4:38