I Ate So Many Fries I Got A Heart Disease | Addicted to French Fries | Freaky Eaters | Only Human

Eric has been eating french fries for most of his life. Each year he eats over 1000 orders of fries and can’t understand why anyone would eat anything else! Can the experts convince Eric to change his ways for the sake of his lifestyle and health?
Freaky Eaters documents the intense struggles of those with a dangerous compulsion towards a particular food. With the help of two experts, the Freaky Eater confronts the painful truth behind their food obsession and fights to reclaim control of their diet and combat the destructive side effects their behaviour is having on their health. Patients include a girl who drinks more than 30 cans of cola a day, a 29-year-old mother who only eats French fries and a diabetic who has a life-threatening addiction to cheeseburger. Can they overcome their dependencies and learn how to manage their diets?

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  • X20 times more than the average American.

    X200 times more than the average European.

    BobDaBuildar69 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Jayjay Virgin hahahahah

    PatrichDepression 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • im addicted to drinking water and eating healthy

    zyskor 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • JJ Virgin dam that kills me lmao 🤣

    Of course no offense JJ

    me bean 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • He asked for fries with that.

    Nobody But Me 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • They don’t know the condition of his stinking vascular system. They didn’t mention LDL cholesterol or triglycerides, most likely because they aren’t high. High homocysteine levels in blood are not a guarantee of heart disease. This show aggravates me because they exaggerate the severity of the eating habits for views and the people exaggerate their own diet. I hope the hosts choke on a chicken bone.

    Russell Grimes 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • His mother's dream was to see eric eating pizza.

    Ä 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • "I'm very active"

    Literally states that he skateboards once a week (maybe twice)

    Cosmo Sudbury Slight 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Skateboarding once a week 😂

    Grey Gload 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    william ex Mormon 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Eats half of idaho

    Brayden Conroe 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • I really hope they didn't waste all those fries… 💀

    Allice Cardoza 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Apparently it’s never too late when they’ve been doing it for like 30 years why do they already have no damage that’s caused them to be in his hospital at least once? 😂seems strange

    Tamia Hilton 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • I eat Taco Bell once a week and I gain 10 pounds, meanwhile this man eats artery cloggers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is as skinny as shaggy.

    Communist Pootis Birb 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Is it just me or at 17:48 he really looks identical with Freddie Highmore

    Chocolate Bear 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Em… The whole family doesn't eat healthy here…

    Kasia Em 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • I love french fries 🍟, but good Lord, I could not eat that much fries as Eric does or did. I couldn't eat it everyday.

    Melissa Williams 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • JJ Redick without JJ Redick

    This video has been deleted 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Jesse pinkman but with a French fry addiction

    Fault E 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • would hate to be him lmao

    Meta 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • They do be bussin though

    eyeball kirby 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • So Ann had two kids from a previous relationship? Then she met another guy who eats nothing but fries? And decides he’s a good role mode to have another baby with? As long as there’s the promise of an engagement? So remind me again which one needed the professional help??

    Finster 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • You know it's a good video when you hear the intro music

    Strawberrycow 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • I have two cups of tea a day, feels like I may be addicted since no one around me takes that much tea.

    Pema Youzer 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • I work out at the gym 6 days a week skateboarding twice a week is a joke

    Bria LaPoint 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • At least bake them ergh

    Bria LaPoint 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • It all started one night when i got the shakes…. Chocolate and straberry

    100% Peanuts 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • first they say the oils the french fries are cooked in transfats, then they blame fats that naturally occurin meats transfats? What?

    Sonja Walker Reactions and Commentary 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Also I ate 50 fries

    All things magical🪄 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • Moms fault also hello give your kids different types of food and texture

    Love me Puppy lps 22/10/2022 am4:59
  • That was not a bite that was a nibble lmao

    Sebastian L. 22/10/2022 am4:59