How to: Shrimp Tempura (Tokyo Style!)

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Daniel shows you how to do proper shrimp tempura at home. There are two key variables: the oil temperature and tempura flakes. Let me walk you through each of these steps. Have fun with it at home and thank me later 😉

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  • why did it curl up man?

    ashsam legend 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Thanks, bro – great video

    Ras Cricket 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • I had no idea how intricate tempura shrimp was lol

    Finished product looks amazing

    Kevin Smith 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • What temperature should the oil be?

    MIND YOUR OWN 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Where is the judge? (wife)

    Michael Delepine 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Hassley and kind of difficult to cope with! You're not making a Shrimp Tempura, you're wrapping shrimps in a separate fried panko! I found that self maid recipe!

    Pejmaan tni 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Thanks!

    Nestor Dimailig 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Cute 😍

    Hana Nana 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • I made it! Super easy and delicious! 😋I don’t need to buy panko bread crumbs for this recipe anymore!

    Lucy Huerta 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • I almost fucked up mypan

    ItzSparrow 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Ahhh shit I'm going try this today

    Update: dang, I forgot to mix the batter while in the oil before laying my shrimp in. Many of them came out a little too smooth to my liking. But overall it's soo easy and not a lot of different ingridients to handle. Going to try again tomorrow.

    Csl 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • David so brought me here

    Kevin Vuu 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • David So brought me here 🤗

    Momo Lim 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Donut Shrimp looks delicious 🤤 🍩

    Buhdee TV 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • I tried but failed. Not sure if it was because the oil was shallow.

    Andrew Marroquin 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Yummy

    Farida Girach 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • why did it squirt brown when he took off the head 💀

    ppoverheat 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Delicious shrimp tempura! I like it…

    GetRecipe 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Is the batter suppose to be watery? 2 cups turned out to be too much for mine. Ended up downsizing it to 1 1/2 which made it much better

    Omar M. 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Dope Beat!!!!

    Trick Nolte 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Thank you, I viewed many video about Shrimp tempura and I think your Shrimp Tempura video is the best.

    Happen2Bme 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • can i know what kind of flour did you use?

    Fatin Adira 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • Limp small shrimp.

    Sony Emerson 18/10/2022 am9:21
  • wow that is art

    CC 18/10/2022 am9:21