How To Shape Every Bread | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Grab your rolling pins and dough cutters and come to attention because class is in session! Join Peter Endriss, head baker at Runner & Stone, as he expertly demonstrates how to handle and shape the dough of (almost) every kind of bread you can bake.

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Boule
2:34 Roll
3:44 Chapeau
4:57 Parker House Roll
5:41 Brioche à Tête
7:24 Baguette
11:11 Épi
12:05 Bâtard
13:53 Fendu
15:03 Braided Loaf
18:25 Kaiser Roll
19:56 Bagel
20:42 Pretzel
21:46 Pullman Loaf
23:16 100% Rye
24:51 Focaccia
26:12 Ciabatta
27:23 English Muffin
28:46 Fougasse
30:30 Lavash
32:20 Breadstick
33:43 Pita
34:42 Pizza

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How To Shape Every Bread | Method Mastery | Epicurious



  • I’m trying to master the Kaiser Rolls. Do you have the dough recipe on another video?

    Mike Kennedy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Why am I here? I have an exam in the morning and don’t even own a bread pan.

    CahyaSatixoxo 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • The hell kinda pretzel shape is that lol

    Michael Rodriguez 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • This is "perfect video to watch at 2 AM" material

    Raspy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • is there a diffrenc in water and eggwash, when should you use those?

    Olivia Berglund 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • The Batarde is so funny to me. Someone probably made it out of frustration and spite and it turned into something that people actually like lol

    What You Up to Austin? 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Dayum, now I need one

    Sentracks 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • I watched this entire video hoping for croissants and NOTHING! But in all honesty it was a very informative video!

    GoldenGlam 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Awesome video, it would be cool to discuss fresh yeast, starter, commercialized yeast, poolish, etc.! Thanks for the video, lots of good knowledge

    Harry Clark 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Okok, I worked as a Baker in Switzerland, and first of all we do the braided loaf many many many times. In Switzerland it's called "Zopf" – and we do it with max. 8 strings. He had 6 strings, but did it like we do with 8 strings. And he didn't do it very exact XD But ok. (A baker learns it in Switzerland with 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 8 strings – in the endtest you have to do 2string "Zopf" and 5,6 or 8 string. I did the 5 string on my test)
    Then the Prezels: My boss would have killed me for such a prezel. The ends have to be much longer and the mid part shouldn't be so thick. It should be thicker than the rest, yes, but not that much.

    P.s: You usually eat "Zopf" on Sundays with your family. You cut it in pieces and eat it with Butter and Jam.
    Besides a "Zopf" you usually have cheese, meat, eggs all in every variation you like XD And sometimes Cornflakes. So yeah. I love it <3

    naitomea14 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • No Chilean bread?

    Thomas Valdes 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • This reminds me of my Nana's Hoska. Love you Nana!

    Grant Hagen 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Holaaa

    __ErnestoMartínezHN__ 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • I can't find anything on the chapeau bread roll. Does anyone have other resources about it? What kind of dough he's using? I'm very interested it it

    Genner-Vincent Hodgson 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Challah

    Jo Boffer 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • That is the saddest pizza toppings I’ve ever seen

    bwayagnes 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Was it just me or did that baguette look… over baked and too porous… guess the video is about shape and not baked quality.

    ‘Em 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • I would be super mad if someone gave me that pizza

    A U 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • What does it taste like?!?!?!?!?!

    A U 17/10/2022 pm2:13

    but good job yall did great🌞☝️

    O J 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • bread 👍🏻

    amanda 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • what about the croissant?

    Nia 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Why is this man fine as hell

    Michelle Natalie 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • I don't even eat bread. Why am I here?

    バンジョベンジ 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • That pretzel tho…

    Brianna S 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • I can’t be a baker… I love bread too much.

    Ricardo Correa 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Would love to see this channel do a gluten free bread segment!! Part 2!!

    Jessica Bickley 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • My stomach is growling for bread!

    Barbara Chandler 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Bred

    John Marston 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • There are a couple of terms I am not familiar with but am sure they make a huge difference, such as "80 percent hydration wheat flour." Guess I need to do a little homework. Overall, a great video with lots of good tips and, for me, some new kinds of bread shapes and textures. Yummy, yummy.

    HTNPSullivan 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Love this presentation. So much delicatesse in the hands movement. I'm gonna watch it and watch it again and again til I master them all.

    gummo corine 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Us jews gave a collective hmmmmmm with that challah being called a ‘braided loaf’ and being made of brioche dough

    kayla. 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • This Video Makes Me Wants To Eat Breads.

    Fadil Hadi 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • 16:38 Kir Sosichka

    Minecraft Boy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • 12:06 Baton

    Minecraft Boy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • 23:16 Martovskiy Hleb

    Minecraft Boy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • 34:42 where's pizza

    Minecraft Boy 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • starting work at a bakery tomorrow, bouta be the best employee the ever had

    Isla McCallum 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • "chapeau" is also used as the English "hat(s) off" to show respect for someone doing something impressive even in anglo-saxon countries 😀

    Alexander Rewijk 17/10/2022 pm2:13
  • Probably

    hey 17/10/2022 pm2:13