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Have you ever wondered, “What’s Melissa Clark’s favorite way to roast a chicken?” If so, you’re in luck, because Melissa is in the studio kitchen showing us. In her recipe for Splayed Roast Chicken With Caramelized Ramps, you heat a cast-iron skillet in a 500-degree oven for about 45 minutes while you splay the chicken before adding it. Then, ramps, garlic and capers are tossed into the pan juices toward the end of the roasting time to create a bright, sweet and salty sauce.




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  • 🙏

    Morris M Smith 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I'll never understand putting lemons in a chicken it just doesn't taste good together

    Youtubeaddict 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Yay, Melissa video.

    Ashwath Rabindranath 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • The way this edited pre-empts the entire video at the beginning..why would people watch??

    grainofsalt 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • i love melissa. haha

    chuck 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I would add a little Dijon into those greens.

    Michael Judge 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Really wonderful! I’ll be doing it this weekend! Thanks!

    Michael Judge 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Obvious expert here. She can cook anything. But… secure your hair, Melissa. It's bad enough that your hair is hanging over the food you are prepping. It's even worse when you handle the raw chicken then run your fingers through your hair. If no one at the NYT had the courage to point this out, I'll do it. It's really bad.

    GeorgeWTush 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I challenge you , and report back after my test….🔆

    Atsard- Dali 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Salt and pepper really works!!!

    Ernesto Arreaga 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • What a lovely chicken! 😊 I can hear my stomach rumble! 😋

    Could Be Cooking 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I've started dry brining chicken breasts and roasting them at a higher heat. So good! Thanks, Melissa.

    Elyse Tager 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • hello, this is an amazing video.. a must try food recipe

    Muah la Kaparak 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • General question: On the west coast we get shallots shaped like small torpedo onions. Do your recipes call for French or Dutch shallots? Do you use hardneck garlic? Thanks.

    Tony Ten Breock 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Mmmmmm so haaangry lol

    John T Spout 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Melissa is one of my favorite people on the internet.

    Paulxl 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • can we have a Melissa x Kenji video?

    John 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • i think Melissa Clark is one of those people I would be surprisingly star struck by. have been watching your videos/cooking recipes for years now and so consistently good!!

    John 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • It looks super tasty… love it

    TEAM GALZOTE 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I made this to for dinner. Amazing and so easy! The juiciest chicken I’ve ever had. Thank you!!

    Darin I 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • What did she put in the cavity at 3:20?

    FabricFest 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😘😘😘😘😘

    Hussien Alsafi 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I started to butterfly/spatchcock my chicken a few years ago. Chicken is on one level so no bloody spots. 4 pound chicken in 1 hour at 375-400 F

    Judith Loue 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Hi Melissa,

    I have had great success with most of your recipes and like the flavor profiles. This recipe has a good technique. I would be concerned about sautéing the greens in the chicken fat at the end. Perhaps an alternative, pour off the fat and deglaze the pan with wine or broth and then add the greens.

    Nancy Braiman 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Can someone ID the ring on her left hand? I love it. The chicken looks amazing.

    K 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • New recipe title: Melissa's Finger kickin' 😋🤤 oven roasted chicken 🍗 🐔!

    jjoyous jay 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I love this woman!

    Jerry Hong 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • You are my favorite NYT cooking teacher. Thank you. I will try this.

    Helen Mahoney 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Where are these Frankenchickens from? sheesh they look like small turkeys.

    TheJustintyper 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Make sure to buy a free-running organic chicken. The price is heavy compared to the cheap ones, but there's a lot more food and a lot more taste.
    The way to cook as shown in this video is great. Whatever you want to make always start preserving the bird with salt and pepper and rest covered in the fridge for at least 8 hours. It'll be great

    Karsten Winther Jensen 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Melissa, how big is that cast iron skillet? 14"?

    Lisa Conn 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • "Melissa Clark" and "Roast Chicken" in the same headline? SAY NO MORE, I'M SOLD!

    ctwlk 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Yasss queen. Roast that bird.

    Christian Lemus 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • My queen Melissa !!!!!!

    RRR MMM 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • That's really beautiful but the most beautiful chicken I ever made was in my Ninja Foodie toaster oven.

    Aunt Duddie 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Raising, harvesting, eating chicken causes Global Heating. Beware, ye Wokers. Ciao.

    Hoober Doober 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • i like the little shimmy at the beginning

    Jonathan Justin 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Idk if ya chicken fucking wit mines msssssssss melissa ….

    MePlusYaMoms 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Deets on that leather bracelet please!

    Traci Möller 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • She makes me nervous. Like being in a room with a meth addict and wondering if they are going to kill you.

    Republic of Texas 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I've used your green goddess chicken marinade/sauce and Samin Nosrat's buttermilk marinated chicken method to make a delicious green goddess roast chicken recipe. I serve it with herby biscuits or fresh bread and salad, delicious 🙂

    flashlight384 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I'd love to be that chicken

    essem 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • 💯

    C C 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Like this if you’re a member of the Melissa Clark fan club 🙋‍♀️

    Sarah Grimes 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Melissa, I think you are wonderful and I so appreciate your posts!!! You are my role model my dear.

    Anbles Duke 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • This looks easy and not at all intimidating. Think I’ll give it a shot.

    johnfranklin42 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Great recipe, I will definitely try it!

    Sajia El. 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Nom nom nom!

    Robb Eason 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • Always always keep a towel on the hot pan handle

    Outta Thyme567 18/10/2022 pm8:08
  • I've done a virtually identical technique roast a chicken this way and a spatchcocked chicken on a skeet pan with a raised rack. Head to head, the spatchcocked chicken had crispier skin and looked more evenly brown coming out of the oven. I used 5 1/2 to 6 pound roasters at 425F for 1 hour. I lift the rack out of the sheet pan and let the chicken rest while I make a gravy with the pan drippings.

    James Morrison 18/10/2022 pm8:08