How to make vegetable tempura & tempura batter.(Professionals teach! Easy tempura made at home)

▼How to make Tempura dipping sauce.(Japanese style easy recipe.)

■This time is a recipe for easy vegetable tempura & tempura batter for vegetables.(Professionals teach! Easy tempura made at home)野菜天ぷらと天ぷらバッター液の作り方(レシピ)

▼Vegetable tempura & tempura batter.[1-2 servings]
Vegetable tempura
・Eggplant : some
・Bell pepper : some
・Shiitake mushrooms : some
* Use only the amount you eat.

[Tempura batter made from scratch]
・Cold water : 75g
・Mayonnaise: 10g
* First, dissolve the mayonnaise in water.

・Flour : 50g *The flour I use is “less than 8.5% protein”.So it’s a good idea to use “cake flour” (´ ▽ ` *)

・Sesame oil : a little
・Ice : a little (2 or 3)
* Eggs are used for the tempura batter liquid.
But, the more the amount by using the egg.
In the case of a small amount, the same effect can be obtained by substituting mayonnaise.

Q. How to cut eggplant for tempura?
A. The video introduces two ways to cut tempura eggplant..

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■野菜天ぷら、天ぷらバッター液[レシピ 1~2人前]

・冷水 : 75g
・マヨネーズ : 10g

・小麦粉 : 50g
・ごま油 : 少々
・氷 : 2個



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    I make a lot of tempura every day, so it's my specialty.

    This is a simple way to make tempura that you can make from a small amount at home.

    I hope this helps you(´▽`*)

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