How To Make ULTRA CRISPY French Fries

So I wanted to create the perfect french fry. Sure you could make a quick french fry and just fry them until they’re kinda crispy, but then again they’ll also be kinda limp and sad. I wanted something with that beautiful crunchy crust on the outside and soft fluffy inside. Something that practically snaps in half. With this method I think we’ve got just that.


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  • It's called a French fry cause of the cut…..just like French onion soup.

    Texas Forever 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • The sous vide step is completely unnecessary. Just make the brine right in a sauce pan and keep the heat low 90-150F for 15 minutes and you will be fine.

    Luke Hosfield 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Fun fact: potato in Spanish is PAPA

    ikbenvoetbal 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Damn it josh I just wanted a simple French fry recipe

    Julian Einsel 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • so not going to lie. I watch a ton of your videos! love them me and my wife have made a few things I seen you make on YouTube. I really need to start posting on discord. but honestly I love going back and watching older videos of people just to see how things have changed… keep up the good work. love the Chanel.

    Yak's Feathers & Fur 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • they’re originally french, the belgians just thought of frying them twice🤷‍♀️

    Carla Criado 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • All I'm gonna say is,"good lord!"

    Nadiyah 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • I love it, I love seeing other ways I can use my some of my kitchen appliances that I usually only use them for very few things (sous-vide, air fryer, instapot…..). It would have been fun to see another version of this without deep-frying it since I don't want to shoot my cholesterol through the roof but would love to try them in a healthy version of it 👍. I love your videos ❤️ and waiting for your cook book to arrive 😁.

    Eric Langlois 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • came here to see where the channel came from lol wow!

    Jonny Cake 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Maaaan I'm watching this now and the amount of progress that you've made in these years is amazing you cannot be compared to yourself even. Great job.

    Parsa Sokouti 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • 90 degrees Celsius? Aren’t you in Texas? Quit your bill shit.

    Sotexmafia 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • young papa

    Mujtaba Haider 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • My man was a baby back then, not having money for a vacuum sealer now has a NY Times Best Seller.

    Mateo Gestal 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • makes sense. belgium fries doesn’t sound as cool as fwench fwies

    Angel Valenzuela 19/10/2022 am9:48

    ExcitedBerry 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Watching this in 2022 YOU ARE A BABY! JOSH!!!

    June MacDonald 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Josh, it's been a few years since you did this. May I suggest that you revisit this with a modified technique?
    Instead of sous vide with a brine that has baking soda, try this: pressure cook the fries in salted vinegar-water. One or two tablespoons per liter of water should suffice. The acid prevents the potato pectin from breaking down, so the fries don't crumble. Then, do the two-stage frying technique. To season them, put them in a big clean paper shopping bag, shake some umami salt and other powdered seasonings into it (MSG+salt), staple the bag shut, shake it around to distribute the seasoning.

    If you use an instant pot, 3 minutes under pressure, followed by a 5 minute cool down before releasing pressure should suffice. Then dry them off, and fry them up. I contend that this method will give you a superior crispy fry.

    Berkana 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • this dude really came a long way huh

    Hamza Maken 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Has anyone already asked for a proper “bussin” aioli recipe?

    Danny Sogar 19/10/2022 am9:48

    Revleck Bendon 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Freedom Fries.

    Ted B. 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Think this was the start of the B ROLLS 🙂

    Stephen du Preez 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • A half-inch?

    Ken Keller 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • The first reaction into this video:

    Me: WheHEHRE DidD HiS BeARd GoOoOoOo

    Nathan Kurniawan 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Potato skins can be used to make your own soup stock… just sayin!

    Rowan Keltizar 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • So this is where he started starting videos in the cabinet

    Hats 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • aside from the excessive music, I really miss this editing format for your show

    Melanie Thornton 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • Why throw away the skin? C'mon man

    The Observer 19/10/2022 am9:48
  • There’s something a little gross about joshuas intro

    Roger Young 19/10/2022 am9:48