How to Make the Perfect Roast Chicken in One Hour

Becky shows Bridget how to make perfect One Hour Broiled Chicken.

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  • Looks good, but I’d add onion powder to the initial seasonings and maybe some other oil like sesame instead of vegetable oil.

    LASHK001 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • My oven will not go to Broil, it pops the breaker but it can do 500 degrees. Can I achieve the same result at 500 and just watch internal temp?

    Alphonce Pecounce 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • I wonder if you can cook it in a cast iron skillet

    Yvonne Cole 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Just made this. Outstanding! So simple. I used a pre marinated spatchcocked chicken from Trader Joe’s and it was delicious.

    Shantanu Sharma 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Thank you for being there for us with your wonderful, professional ideas and recipes. We like you. Yum!

    Carina Windsor 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • This has become a family favorite! Perfect every time😊 I do use the low broil setting on my oven.

    Becky Salls 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Mmmm… Tastes chickeney…

    Anthony Girard 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • ATK staff ARE the Pros….. but I do cringe everytime I see a cook working with meats etc. while wearing jewelry on their hands. Talk about a breeding ground for nasty germs. Yuck.

    chicagorandy 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • i was wondering why you use vegetable oil instead of olive oil or coconut oil in the beginning

    ahoye1 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • My broiler started burning the skin after about 15 minutes. I am on the lowest rack and about 12" from the element. What did I do wrong?

    Gregg Maisonneuve 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Can any stainless steel pans go in oven under broiler? I've had my set of stainless steel pans for decades and never once put any of them in the oven on any heat, I thought they were just for stove top, but I saw Chef John put a pan like this in the oven and now America's Test Kitchen is doing it (and on broil!), but maybe they have special extra high quality stainless steel pans or something? I do have a cast iron skillet I use stovetop or in oven, but I never tried to broil in it, and I'm not sure if that's too hot (550f?)?

    mymyersfamily 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • This recipe is fantastic… good roast chicken is so underrated.

    Chris G. 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • What temperature are you broiling it at.

    cctia2 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Who knew! I don’t trust my broiler though ☠️

    Bauman 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Works for me. I buy chicken on sale cut the in half , we don’t eat a whole one at dinner. Then I cook it like this.

    Tom Evans 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Unfortunately I don't have a skillet I can stick in the oven

    Tickle Me and I'll Hurt You 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • My oven requires door to be open when broiling. Will this still work to cook in an hour?

    Patti Jesinoski 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • This was delicious, BUT I wouldn't make it again because there was so much grease splatter all over the oven walls, floor and racks. How did their oven stay so clean? (Maybe because i used a cast iron pan?)

    Phil Ang. 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • This woman's voice, Becky, drives me nuts. Her voice going up at the end of sentences annoise the hell out of me. Don't know why, but it does every time I see her on the show.
    BTW: It's a good recipe. I've made it.

    RJB 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Is there a reason why they never use a thermometer that stays in the chicken while it's in the oven?

    Steeve-Shaun Fabre 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • "Chickeny" is not a deal sealer for me.

    Diana 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Chicken breast rap with bacon oven roast salt pepper and paprika delicious.

    CHRISTIAN DIAZ 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • I really love the show i learn something new all the time ..

    Mr. StarOfTruth 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • I like that they got Carol Burnett to cook this episode.

    TheLepke2011 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • absolute nonsense

    Thomas Heitzig 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • That chicken could use another 10 mins

    LA Cleveland 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • 😊 hello😊

    Albert Moreno 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Excellent recipe/method!!
    I made it last night and followed everything to the letter except for the fresh thyme (didn’t have it, so I just put a small pinch of dry thyme in the pan juices). The little squirt of lemon juice was so nice!

    The only thing I would do differently next time is how I handle the raw chicken. When I took the raw chicken out of the plastic it was very juicy/wet/ack! It was hard to butcher it while raw chicken juice was seemingly going everywhere. Next time I’ll let it drain in a colander for a few minutes (it’s Covid time so using a whole bunch of paper towels to really dry it isn’t an option for me right now with low supplies).

    FYI at the 1/2 point when I turned the pan for even browning I set my timer for 20 minutes (minimum time recommended). After those 20 minutes the chicken looked beautifully brown and I decided to temp it. 175 degrees!! Much to my surprise, the breast meat and the whole chicken was moist and delicious!!

    Made this recipe again and drained the chicken in a colander in the sink. Also cut out the back bone while it was in the colander to cut down on mess and paper towel usage. It worked out well to do this in a colander in the sink and was easy to sanitize (before and after).

    Chicken was bigger this time so it took longer, but I have the ATK recommended thermometer so it was easy to tell when it was done.

    I forgot to thank ATK for an excellent recipe!! Way to go ATK!! Thank you!!
    So much better than rotisserie chicken because it’s not pumped full of sugar and salt. It actually tastes like chicken, just like they say.

    It’s something you can get during your weekly shopping a make very quickly instead of making a special trip to get a rotisserie chicken plus you know exactly what’s in it.

    Thanks again ATK!

    Dr. Stacey 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • outstanding recipe – works overtime, crisp juicy — thanks

    Bo Dudas 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Dang best chicken I've ever had. I can't believe how easy it is. I was licking the plate. My dog kept circling me and the counter — sitting on my feet — it was AWESOME. Making another this week.

    KHG 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • What temp?

    Fp Pro 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • I dont know about 155 in breast. Is it safe?

    I think I am 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Can this method be done with skin, bone on chicken breast, not the entire chicken?

    Toni Oros 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • 5

    R DiMiceli, CPA 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • And the oil is smoking and about to set off the smoke alarms, now its time to add the chicken…

    BeingInTheMessiah 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • Most ovens have a Broil of HI or LOW. Which is it?

    Tom Sparks 17/10/2022 pm10:19
  • This makes a great impromptu thanksgiving main when the kids get sick and you have to stay home but still want to do a big meal (not that I’m speaking from experience now the day after thanksgiving 😉). Add a few spices to change the flavor if you want, make a gravy instead of a pan sauce and you have a very solid start to a full meal.

    Like the drink but spelled different 17/10/2022 pm10:19