How To Make The Perfect Hamburger Patty – Secrets And Tips

For many Americans, summer means afternoons spent tending burgers on the grill. Mark Bucher, founder of BGR The Burger Joint, and Tim Carman, Washington Post food critic, along with WAMU 88.5 producer Michael Martinez, demonstrate how to prepare the ideal hamburger patty. Get tips like how big to make your patty, what ingredients to use (hint: sometimes all you need is salt and pepper), why your thumbprint plays an important role and how to tell the difference between medium well and medium rare.

Filmed and edited by WAMU 88.5 intern Douglas Bell




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    Pillar Heights 19/10/2022 pm11:53
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    Kyle Christopher 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • The man's surname is Bucher. Listen to EVERYTHING he tells you about meat

    MC Afrique 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • I prefer thin burger patties, I dislike I mouth full of meat. I’ll follow this steps and see what happens using less meat.

    Ritsu 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Thank you.

    Olibara Hosasa 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • So does the thumb divet side get grilled first?

    ChinskiChat 19/10/2022 pm11:53
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  • Is that Gary Oldman on the right?

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  • Why are there three guys? One of them never even says anything 🤣🤣

    RJA 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • everyone says to put the thumb print, but what side of it goes first on the pan? the thumb print side?

    Alan Kerbel 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • What's next ? How to tie your shoes ?

    rudy montana 19/10/2022 pm11:53
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  • Can this be made with ground/minced chicken too?🤔

    anamits 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • So it's a how to for idiots, got it.

    Jennifer Owens 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Men bashing men.. very funny. Good tips. Thanks.

    SSSniperMonkey 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • This guy reminds me of Vince Vaughn

    Ashley King Art 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • That is your " perfect burger patty "- not mine.
    Mine has to have chopped onion inside.

    Phillip Anderson 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • 🤣Awesome presentation

    bin3mar 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • This video definitely helped me make my burgers 100 percent better. Ironically I was doing all of the things you said not to do before I watched this video. Yesterday I BBQ'd for some friends and they said the burgers were awesome. I put the dimple in the middle, well seasoned each patty with Montreal Steak seasoning, did not mash the burgers while making the patties, flipped them once and also put the seasoned side down first. Before watching this video, I would mash the patties on the grill, flip them multiple times, apply seasoning to both sides while on the grill and not put the dimple in the middle. Thank you for helping me improve my hamburger technique. Look forward to other informative videos.

    Daren Maloy 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Good technique, i tried it it turned out better

    Capresti 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • This is just your fucking opinion

    Rab Indra 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • It worked!!! Made some fire pepper jack jalapeno burgers right now and those bad boys were so gosh dank succulent.

    Great video!

    Uganda Hater 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Thanks for posting the video!

    Tosh 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Add a peace of ice in that hole if you want a moist burger. Completely close it up. I got this tip from Lizz Claiborne. I use to kill her bugs in her home.

    Sandy 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • This man didn’t just speak today he spoke wisdom

    E N 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • good info thanks

    Dave Marshall 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • "Don't be a caveman."
    Dude. "Cavemen" knew how to cook meat. Tribes alive today know how to cook on fire.

    Chris McCaffrey 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • OK, I just can't seem to make a burger at home, in a skillet, that doesn't have a nobbly and too chewy texture. Followed every tip here, although we only had the 90% lean, not the 80. Hard to imagine that makes a big difference but we'll try the 80 next time. Any other advice from burger masters? The burgers were rare to medium rare, so not overcooked. Only flipped once, did the divet in the center, let them rest, etc.

    Madeleine Shaw 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • Glad I watched this. Could hardly tell I was biting into the patty unlike the one mum makes with flour and egg etc. Much simpler and much better results!

    James GM 19/10/2022 pm11:53
  • there are different ways. smashing it flat on the griddle gives you a crust that is delicious.

    Geezberry 19/10/2022 pm11:53
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