How to Make the Crispiest Homemade Fries Without Deep Frying

Test cook Lan Lam makes the perfect Thick-Cut Oven Fries.

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  • We've all got our little secrets Cind.

    Dontbescaredhomie92 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Made these last night; followed the steps exactly, but on the first pass (with the foil covering) there was zero color on the fries. Went an extra 7-8 minutes before flipping and they turned out perfect. The slurry was weird, but worked great. Yay for science!

    Marble River 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • nice Job! cooking is a science… learned much!

    View Point 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • I love Lan!

    Gerry Szumiak 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • This is basically a Chinese style "velveted" potato. The cornstarch slurry traps the moisture in and makes the outside crisp, yet I have no idea why she's using waxy potatoes for this. Personally I would be using bakers for french fries. Par boil them until tender, dust them with potato starch or "instant mashed potatoes", which is basically potato starch, and toss them on an oiled sheet pan to bake, flipping them during the process. You end up with crispy, starchy baked Idaho french fries.

    John C 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Lan Lam, who is she?

    uruglytoo 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Lan has such a soothing voice.

    Pat Haskell 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Eating all that unnatural ingredients for what, granny used olive and onions and her potatoes were amazing and healthy, cant develop food in a laboratory nuts

    Bill Jones 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Definitely need more Lan Lam!

    Ara Gregorian 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Her acting is amazing

    OCEAN+ 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • These are not fries, they are potato wedges, pretending its anything else is lying to yourself

    Billy McIntyre 3 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • I didnt get what ls the temperature to cook in the oven

    Jenny Lyn Henriksen 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Though I'm sure this is a way to make fabulous chips as we call them in the UK , the method is a bit labour-intensive. The cornstarch effectively creates an oven-baked batter which is not necessary and adds more carbs and fat to the end result. I've found the best chips are following Chef John the American genius cook on You Tube who has a great way to blanch the chips in salted boiling water with the heat off. Drying them and sprinkling with salt black pepper or hot paprika and a little dusting of semolina flour – then spray very lightly with oil and put them in the Air Fryer for 15 mins at 200c shuffling them at ten minutes and the end result is perfect better than any deep fried and more healthy. Also same technique works with jacket potatoes cooked in microwave and then seasoned and air fried for 12 mins. Far less hassle than this method.

    Cosens-Prior 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Oh My!

    Sockeye 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • All that work. I’ll just fry them. And that the salt on the pan that you hear. Not the crispness, didn’t hear any when they bit into them.

    plsjones 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Dipping these and ketchup is, BLASPHEMY 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Why not add some seasonings to the starch mixture? Fresh thyme, rosemary, garlic powder or onion powder even.
    I have a bag of frozen steak fries. I think I'm going to try this method to cook them.
    Great job as always ladies, thank you

    ScottO 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • How to do this in air fryer?

    elsie arroyo 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • ATK,,HELLO, , LIN LAM,,THOSE FRIES LOOK REALLY GREAT,,, BTW, I have not seen TABLE SALT, IN HOME FOR DECADES,,But will try these 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Flyby Airplane 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • I'll stick to frying. Less work and much quicker.

    Morris Monet 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Oh this has changed the game for me💜💜💜

    Malda Beetus 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Thank you! I'll never fry in oil again. These fries are delicious! I make the same planks.

    Walter Holokai 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • You must be joking

    Craig Mackinnon 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • She kinda reminds me of Ms. Mann from Scary Movie.

    When she laughed and said, “Plunk”, I died laughing. I said the same thing when that happened 😂😂😂😂

    Omari 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • To heat up the cornstarch, if we do not have a microwave, just heat up on stove on low?

    Nick Iracleous 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • Here’s how to cook potatoes without all the grease and mess…and without added calories! I have done it several times now and they’re delicious. Also you can skip the bit where you soak them in water — just pat the slices dry with a towel and zap ‘um.

    carmen cortelyou 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • I love these potatoes! The only thing I’ve changed about it is that I add whatever seasonings I want (garlic, seasoned salt, pepper,or whatever sounds good that day) to the cornstarch goo. It’s awesome! Thanks for the video.

    Tammy Henson 17/10/2022 pm4:38
  • 👍

    Linda Krawiec 17/10/2022 pm4:38