How to Make the Best Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs with Bridget Lancaster

Host Bridget Lancaster prepares perfect Oven-Roasted Chicken Thighs.

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  • Salsa verde is not Italian sauce. It is a Mexican sauce 😅😂😅 (pesto sauce is Italian )

    Lidia Kuhn 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Good!

    Carole McPhillips 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Great dish any recommendations as to what side dishes etc to have with it to make a complete meal?

    Raj Kumar 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Love all the comments in your show. They are so loving, so caring with kind words

    Jackie Posey 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Place a rack over the oven tray or backing dish then no need to trim the fat

    Scott Howard 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Love it Bridget.

    V Exercise Best-Ventour 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Never taught to heat the pan up thanks for the tip.

    V Exercise Best-Ventour 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Hi Bridget, love your chicken recipe.

    V Exercise Best-Ventour 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Love your content and your fun and creative attitude in all your videos!
    One thing that concerns me is perhaps a little more emphasis on kitchen hygiene surrounding raw chicken. I'm certain that there was a lot of intense cleaning between the raw chicken on the cutting board and the subsequent chopping of the parsley and other ingredients on what appears to be the same cutting board. A casual viewing might make a viewer complacent about the opportunity for spreading disease from the raw chicken to other ingredients and implements. With the warnings that it is never safe to assume that the raw chicken we purchase is free from contamination with salmonella, perhaps greater emphasis on hygiene could be included during the videos.
    Please correct me if I am misinformed and there is no longer a need to be so vigilant when handling raw chicken. I spend much time working to avoid contamination. Time which I would much prefer to spend trying out more of the fabulous recipes I have learned over the years from ATK.
    Thanks for your great articles and videos. ATK is a source we really can trust!

    Lawrencemeander1 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Your are so beautiful ❤️😘🌹

    Patrick 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I don’t see a wedding ring, are you married ??????🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    Patrick 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • First of all thank you for FANTASTIC Recipe. Second can we serve this with baked potato's of roasted potato's and carrots instead of salsa? Please advised and thank again.

    Sara Abraham 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • You had me until the anchovies.😢

    Tony Kelley 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Great. Can’t wait to make it

    Connie Casale 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Sooooo HUNGRY 😋

    Connie Casale 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • This is gonna be Easy & Delicious😊

    Connie Casale 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • "It just reminds me that my husband never sends me flowers."… (I'm dead))

    Michael Jordan 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • 450 for 25 minutes?

    Peggy Buetow 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • YUM!!!! The thigh is my favorite part of the chicken… This makes me want to run to the store sand get some.

    Leslie Gray 22/10/2022 pm9:00

    Jaun Rodriguez 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • You folks are the BEST! Love your comments and suggestions. You make everything sound so easy, and you are entertaining as well. Keep up the great work. If I were your husband, you would definitely get flowers.

    Keith Brown 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • No, no! Microwaves ruins everything! Stopped watching. (I kicked my Microwave out of my kitchen, along with the nasty margin years ago!!!)

    Lidi P 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Did you really just call salsa verde Italian and then put raw chicken on a wood cutting board? LOL

    Jessica Ramos 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Crock pot recipes please!

    Elizabeth Frawley 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Best cooker, # one, Top of world !!!

    Alex Ma 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Tamales

    Josefa Guardado 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Love the dish!

    JJ MM 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I am making this before next weekend – thanks!

    Naka Makai 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Looks good! Will try this!👍👍👍 Easy dish also!

    pinkypromise111 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • That’s definitely in no way salsa verde, that’s chimichurri.

    Tiffany Lopez 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I love ATK but could do some Keto recipes, please.

    Donna SR 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • These look so delicious 🤤 thank you

    Frances Camacho 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Good advice to poke the skin. Also starting the garlic in the microwave. I have seen recipes asking you to run your oven for an hour just to roast a whole clove. 😂. Love ATK.

    Kathy Anderson 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Yum

    jean lorimer 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Very anxious to make this. Thanks! My favorite way of squeezing roasted garlic is to use a potato rider. You can cut the top off a whole bunch of garlic, drizzle the oil, add herbs, roast it, then put the cut side down in the ricer and squeeze it out all at once.

    Anne Marie Stamford 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Love all the helpful tips thank you

    Resourceman1 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • And, I will be trying these tricks tonight for the chicken, never seen any of them before, so thank you. But no sause for out=r family, just chicken.

    Vandrea Mullins 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Question, why doesnt anyone remove the fat and veins from inside of the thighs. I have been looking for video about that. Any reason you can think of

    Vandrea Mullins 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I love chicken thighs! I may try this. I don’t use vegetable oil. Olive oil or avocado oil only. I think I can make it work for my keto diet.

    Marci S 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • (Teach your husband how to love you…you would like flowers, or to be thought of, is what’s really wanted!)
    Great recipe !

    HorseMuse 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I have always loved Bridget from way back when A T K began…going to try this chicken thigh receipe with that great looking parsley sauce.

    Suzanne McClure 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • This was a great recipe, except for the fact that my new oven got very splattered from the chicken on the sheet pan. Any suggestions????

    Nancy Greengrass 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • I can't wait to make this tomorrow!

    TiGG 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • Thank you so much ❤️ I think you taught me a few things this evening 🙂

    bibianna ricci 22/10/2022 pm9:00
  • For anyone playing at home… I serious messed up by using a cookie sheet without a RAISED edge. Smoke everywhere. And an oven to clean.

    Secret me 22/10/2022 pm9:00