How to make Tempura Shrimp

  • What about the batter recipe?

    Leanne Tsang 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Beautiful… What temperature did you set? Thank you

    Pongwasu Saengsophaphan 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • An artist at work……..

    j r 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Wish they showed how to make their batter

    Blue Phat 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Perfect recipe 😋

    LADIEE DEMO 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • An authentic artistic tempura. ❤️ Wanna try this badly not the one that is just battered.

    Michael santiago 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Am I missing something? too bad he doesn't give batter description, type flour, baking powder, egg???

    Chip Usas 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • amazing. may i ask how to make the tempura batter? thanks

    Chan Chan 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Wow

    Hana Nana 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Love it. Perfect Tempura Technique Chef Sam!

    thorgdave 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • My tempura batter its not working 😭😭😭😭😭

    Alias Yaacob 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • This is the BEST demonstration of shrimp tempura making I've seen. Absolutely perfection. Nice technique!

    George Man 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Beautiful! My mouth is salaviating.

    Zenaida Belbis 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • What is the temperature of the cooking oil ?

    Kaizen Dom 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • I’m impressed with the chop sticks action

    Shane Silba 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • That is a master at work. But it takes so much work and attention to do this without overlooking this.

    Brian Ng 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • OMG AMAZING!!!! 5 stars!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

    Nazz M 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • OK! so that's how its done!

    leonard librojo 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Double fry!?! Never would have thought. Such a good technique!!! Soo deliciously crispy!!! Omnomnomnom 🤩

    Dukeyboi24 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • are you on ig??? why do you only have 629 subscribers???

    Brenda 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • how much degree deep fries?

    shukry cradle 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • What is in the batter? AP flour? Egg? Water? And how much

    Sandw1ch_Guy 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • This is my favorite one so far 👍🏾

    Tony Bowles 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Wow… that looks delicious! Keep posting videos.

    Boost Lee 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • That looks soooooo sooooooo freaking good. I wish all places made their tempura like this!! Dip them all in tentsuyu sauce with a large bowl of rice. Mouth is watering at the thought of it.

    Kris M 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Wow great work and unique

    Hanan HS 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Looks amazing Chef! What temperature do you fry at?

    Ruth Troutpout 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Lookd good

    Bambang Chan 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • that's a lot of crisp on that tempura

    Make Sushi 1 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • So beautifully done.

    Laura Judd 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • What the fuck is that? You call that tempura…… seriously…….look at the amount of batter on that shrimp. Tempura supposed to be elegant and finesse. The crust should be light and crispy. Dude are your customers paying for the shrimp or the fucking that fucking thick crust that you r so proud off…..pff shit

    sagarkgear 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • That looks sooo much better than the ones I tried to make. Mine never sticks to the shrimp and the batter becomes all burnt after a short period of time 😔

    Cheese on Everything 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • tempura god!

    pkhtown 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • I like it
    Im here watching your video come to me and will grow together

    Dyosa Glady 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Thats insane !!!

    Cindy 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Omg!!!! Looks amazing I'm literally drooling 🤤…. yum!! Can you please tell me the batter instructions. Thank you!

    MIND YOUR OWN 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • thanks so much for your tip

    Fuad Janmohamed 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • Perfection
    I love it

    Mrs leal 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • How many grams of shrimp per piece did u use
    Pls give me recipe for the sauce and tempura batter

    Jeanclare Tuazon 25/10/2022 am2:27
  • 0:09ทอดกุ้งครั้งแรกไม่ให้สุก แป้งยังเป็นสีขาว ยกขึ้นพักไว้
    0:14สาดแป้งลงไปใหม 0:12ลงเห็ดทอดออรินจิ
    0:40กุ้งที่ทอดชุดแรก ชุบแป้ง แล้วลงคลุกบนกลุ่มเกล็ดแป้งในกะทะแล้วทอดต่อ 2:28 ยกขึ้นพักไว้ให้สะเด็ดน้ำมัน

    Andy L. L. 25/10/2022 am2:27