How to Make Tempura Batter out of Your Pantry : Chicken & Asian Recipes

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Tempura is typically used for frying in Japanese cuisine. Make tempura batter out of your pantry with help from a longtime culinary professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Syd Marshal
Filmmaker: Bart Capuano

Series Description: If you want to make Asian dishes at home, all you need are access to a few key ingredients to get things started off right. Make Asian recipes at home with help from a longtime culinary professional in this free video series.



  • Like it. Simple and delicious. Thank you

    Edna Sanchez 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • This way is for poors! This is bullshit that this is the 1st video youtube gives in the search results. I just went out and bought the ingredients and every other recipe uses cake flour, no seltzer water and a whole egg.

    Arthur Diamondhands 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Made sushi today. And made gf tempura with this recipe. Used rice flour. Came out amazing. I season my mix. Perfect. Thank you for the recipe.

    Joshua Katz 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Is seltzer water another word for sparkling water or club soda?

    Natalie Mendoza 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Perfect n precise!!! 👌

    Hafsa Kamran 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👌

    اسرار الطبخ مع نور 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Thank you . Some add baking soda and some use corn starch. I’ll try both in time. But today I’ll use corn starch.

    Dizzie Chef 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Nope another batter bites the dust.

    Ronald white 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • No amounts?

    Garrett 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Tip… while one batch is frying, toss the bowl of batter into the freezer. As food cooks, I put it on a rack and put it in my oven at the lowest setting to keep crispy. My oven goes down to 170°f

    djtblizzle 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Shouldn't mix the batter too much. You want some clumps left. And you need to dredge the veegies in flour first. And you need to drip a bunch of batter into the pan before adding your item to be cooked so the prefried batter will stick yo what ever you are cooking making an extra layer crispiness.

    Jonathan Roberts 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Thx

    YTK 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • For a crispier tempura one can use ice cold beer as substitute to water(the beer will give it a twist).. Well while beating the batter u could put ICE CUBES in the mixture

    Mark Marlowe 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Over beaten he doesnt specialize in tempura

    Mark Marlowe 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Hello.. ok you said, equal parts of corn starch & flour, but what about the seltzer water & the egg? How much water for how many cups of the dry ingredients n how many eggs? 🤔

    Denise G 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • To make sure the tempura batter sticks on slippery foods first dust with flour shaking of excess then plunge into the tempera batter.

    Cherri Berri 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Who else is here during quarantine bc their craving sushi

    gbbygse9love 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Thank you for this

    Terika Brutus 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Do they use the same batter for frying amibae live shrimp head?

    u2teech 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • What's seltzer water?

    u2teech 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • I thought beer was used ?

    Popsicle 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Omg people. When he said "equal parts" it means you can take any measurements as long as both the cornstarch and flour are of the same amount! Just dont be stupid and put one one egg yolk when you put 8 cups of both flour and cornstarch. You obviously need more. Just use your eyes and look

    Claude De Alger Obelia 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • And that is what happens when a cheff tries to explain something SIMPLE for people who doesn't cook, the MEASURE it will depend on HOW MUCH U are going to be using, use ONE FUC.ING CUP of flour and corn starch, and add the water bit by bit until it kinda looks like a pancake batter, is that SO HARD???…

    Ivo Elio Colmenares Cabello 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • tempura mix recipe

    rasika hashan 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • So how much do we use for the equal parts flour/corn starch? You didn’t give us any measurement.

    QuEEn QuiNN 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • No measurements? Really? That was much of the help🤦‍♀️

    Anaid Eitak 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Simple easy to follow!

    Roby Geroca 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • No dry ingredient measurements.
    Useless waste of time.

    Gerard Jones 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Hello cookingguide You make a lot of TEMPURA that it looks very delicious (^ ^!
    Thank you for writing the detailed recipe video!

    Umami Dream 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • What is seltzer water?

    Wolffia B 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • this is a great recipe as I always bought mine at stores but it's so easy to make with your recipe. I plan a whole Vegan meal chinese for my vegan friend and Family and plan to use this great Batter for shrimps deep fried. hope it turns out

    norm lor 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • i dont have a seltz Er water can i use 7 up?

    Kimberly Penuliar 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • This is not tempura where are the flakes!

    Newton Kwan 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    A. Armiento 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • I also set my batter bowl into a larger bowl of ice to keep it cold while dipping and frying.

    TheOnlyKateslate 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • I made the batter last nihht following this recipe! Terrible! The moment I dip the shrimp to the hot cooking oil, the frying pan started to form bubbles! Lots of bubbles!
    I do not recommend this! 😣

    reanna celina 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • fake

    Wonho’s cake 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • i

    joyce martinez 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • can you use cold beer?

    Berry Sweet 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • He didn't put any seasonings and I made it and it was gross! Just remember to add seasonings y'all!

    Cark 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • how to spoil a good how to by putting in a stupid term like seltzer walter. Sparkling water right?

    L Mc 18/10/2022 am1:25
  • Equal part corn starch and flour with one egg yolk and seltzer water to proper thickness … really descriptive! 🤦‍♂️

    Matt Feyerabend 18/10/2022 am1:25

    Matt Dorsey 18/10/2022 am1:25