How To Make Tempura At Home

Takahiro Sakaeda of Nami Nori in NYC demonstrates how to make tempura, a beloved Japanese dish by way of Portugal. Takahiro starts by making two dipping sauces, a traditional tentsuyu dip and a yuzu flavored soy sauce. Next, he prepares a variety of veggies and seafood, like sweet potato, corn, eggplant, squid, and much more. Finally, he fries each piece in a light batter, resulting in crispy, dippable bites. Check out the recipe here:

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  • Thank you for the recipe. I love tempura batter. Those vegetables look so good. Great idea for lunch. 👘🇯🇵 ❤️

    Edna Sanchez 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • This is yummy. So easy to follow. 🤩Will check out your other videos.

    Cook With EveVoon 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Great 👍 Keep it up

    Hunger Solutions 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • excellent, loved it

    Syed Hasan 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Wow Yeah! I love Nami Nori Iron Chef Munchies!!!!😍🥰🐼❤️❤️😚😘🐼 I love making Tempura!!!!❤️😘🐼🥰❤️❤️❤️

    🎃Wendy TikTok Superstar Goo Jit Zu🐼 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Billion dollar insight, why not make and sell Deep fried or Tempura pork belly?

    Jianfa Tsai 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I thought he was gonna share the batter recipe of course not.

    Hanna in Florida 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I cant afford this

    Ardan 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Good video, but the cook……OMG! It has sooo much growing up to do!

    Fed up With Lies 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I like how you laugh… thank you for sharing your talent.

    Mercy Unselt 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • so the batter is just AP flour and ice water? he says they have a premixed one, but doesn't say what's in it aside from using wheat flour and ice water

    Nick Tovik 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • fuck…. it's not for home. i know the purpose of this show is for only yrs 👿

    Phone Myint Win fly 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I have finally figured Tempura out, it is my favorite way to cook. Thank you for this, it has some information I did not have. I'm going to try this soon!

    Kerry Pitt 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I love the way you cook, your style and explanation.I love tempura and your kitchen looks amazing.I love to cook as well and have a YouTube channel. I’m not a Chef but I wish I would be. I work in a hospital pharmacy for forty years in Miami Beach.I subscribed to your channel.Helping your mom in the kitchen because you were hungry instead of being nice paid off.Now you are a great Chef🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Thank You Chef.

    Inocencio Tensy Garcia 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Thank yoi very much for teaching us. May God bless you more and more. 🙏🙏

    Adriana Alessandra Miranda Croft 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I am from India. Lived in Japan for more than 7 years. But i am not aware of hondashi. How can i prepare in lndia?

    Urmila Anguluri 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Taka, you need your own channel. You are so enchanting.

    gwynvyd 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • This guy knows what he's doing 👏 👌

    Светлана Д 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Gorengan 2 ribuan

    Biscuit Roma 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I love how he makes Tempura

    Aaron Lin 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • I wish he did scallops. They’re so difficult to batter and fry.

    Ms x Murda 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • What type of oil is he using.? How does he finish the sauce he adds Yuzu to? I'm guessing the temporal sauce..

    Chef Arm 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • can please write the sauce.i can't open your recipe.i wanna learn on how to make it.

    JULIE's DIARY 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Interesting. Looks yummy.

    alisha l 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Tempura making starts at 5:44

    djbystedt 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • no beer or vodka in batter. can't accept this.

    Fatin Noor 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • This is wonderful, thanks for teaching us. Brilliant demonstration!

    Terri Bingham 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Handsome chef

    Shaun Pang 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Looks delicious ! 😋👍🏼

    Linda Labrador 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • pahingi

    Camille Villareal 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • this is an awesome how-to-do tempura Youtube! My favorite food in the world. thank you. 🙂

    Dan Rohde 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Bravo!

    Jules Moyaert 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Loved how he explains everything.

    Elaine Cruz 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Wow you made it look so easy, and so good. I have been wanting to made this for a long while.

    Naomi Solis 16/10/2022 pm2:42
  • Wow. A Chef who loves to eat. Perfect!

    A. GM 16/10/2022 pm2:42