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  • inshingens

    mohammad khan 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Can you use avocado oil instead of canola oil?

    orangecounty56 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Those shrimp are literally the size of small lobsters。

    Sherman Sherbert 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • What a Girl 😘

    Jai Sanatan Rashtra 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • This was excellent! It came out perfectly. We made a bunch of different vegetables, shrimp, and even lobster. I had Hapa Hawaiian salts and used those for dipping as well as making several delicious dipping sauces. One used smoked Shoyu, cream sherry, and a little water–excellent with the shrimp and veggies. For the lobster I just used a tiny bit of the Hawaiian salt. So good! Oishi!

    Jeanne Whitehouse 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Lovely 🥰

    Artigo Tale 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Will bread flour be ok. Or pastry flour ?

    Dizzie Chef 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • I'm gonna make tempura next

    Jon Jon 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • How much ice cold water??

    aadila chai 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • I tryied ig and it was really goooooood :))

    Lara Jumaah 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Italian fried zucchini is made with placing the zucchini in flour and egg wash. Tempura is placing the egg plant n flour and egg wash. Tempura seems to be a fancy word for fried vegetables.

    Josh Lowell 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • how could u guys eat without salt and pepper

    Vishnu Priya 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • 🤠🤲🤠🤲

    nyepong kontlo waria 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • I maid this for today, it was super yummy 😭
    The best shrimp meal I eaver ate
    I recommend you to do it
    Love you Queen rie🥺🦋🦋

    Fay.X.123 1 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Like,vanilla cake ?

    Mao🍥 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Drizzling more batter over top is a major pro move

    z yungdirtybastard 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • 🙁 I love this but what's the ratio for the batter? I cant find it anywhere.

    lexy9210 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Can I use all purpose flour?

    Hey Sup 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Your batter is a bit too thin.

    Daniel J 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Thank you!

    Ruganarajah Yuvarajah 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • OMG.. i made this and it was so good…

    M E 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Can I have the dipping sauce recipe too, please?

    RS Stenger 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • I told my Japanese friend that tempura is from Portugal and he freaked out.

    Ian C 16/10/2022 pm10:40
  • Can you use Potato or Tapioca flour ? I also find some flour which is written 中筋,高筋 & 低筋 flour. Which flour to use?

    Audrey Choong 16/10/2022 pm10:40