How to make tempura at home. Step by step guide.

Hi, everyone. Thank you for coming back to my kitchen. I will show you how to make delicious tempura at home.

Tempura batter ingredients
Cake flour 100g
Water 180ml
1 large size egg

Tempura sauce ingredients
Soy sauce 100ml
Mirin 100ml
Dashi 400ml

Deep frying time for each ingredient
Kabocha squash 3 min
Carrot 2.5 min
Shiitake mushroom 3 min
Broccoli 2.5 to 3 min
Shiso leaf 40 sec
( Oil temperature for deep frying vegetables: 160 to 170ยฐC )
Shrimp 1 to 1.5 min
( Oil temperature for deep frying shrimp: 170 to 180ยฐC )

I hope you enjoy cooking Japanese food. Have a wonderful day.



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