How to Make Super Soft Bread | Agege Bread

How to Make Super Soft Bread | Agege Bread

Your loved ones constantly crave Super Soft Bread | Agege Bread, so why not bake it at home? Using bread flour, yeast, and other dough ingredients, you can bake it in the oven whenever you need it and for whatever purpose!

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  • Gentle warning! This BREAD is so addictive, ensure you make 2 loaves.

    Yummieliciouz Food Recipes 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • By covering the pan, does it mean the whole foursides will be cooked automatically,or you timed it before turning to the other side? Cuz I wud love mine to be brown, lovely video, tnks

    oyekunbi abigail 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • No put butter on top ooo na Eva agoin be him brother or ewa olomi come take pure cold water flush am down .. off ur phone and find smwhere lay down …

    Victor Iweoha 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • U added extra butter please can I know the actual recipe please

    BOI ISIOMA 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Wow I will try this out

    Nma Gifted 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Can I use unsalted butter?

    FOLASADE EUODIA AJAYI 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Wow best bread recipe ever…I saw in a comment that we can substitute egg for evaporated milk (peak milk)so if I want to substitute one egg for evaporated milk , how much of it do I need?using measurement cup ?

    Adama Omeije momoh 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Great job… please how big is your pan? Is that the one for 250g or 450g?

    N Daz 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • ❤❤❤I love bread and cake and would like to learn from you, I'll have to take a closer look at your channel soon.🙂 But "man doesn't live by bread alone"! Who doesn't know this saying? I'll offer you a completely different bread in return! My Bread is Spiritual Food “World's Largest Bible Exhibition” (general education). 👌 A very nice video from you, thank you very much! 🌺👍

    DIE ZEUGEN JEHOVAS 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Many thanks for shearing the video, please for someone who needs to make large quantities, please what is the preservatives to use 🙏🏻

    Okoase Franca 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Thank you for this video ma'am. Honestly it's lovely that you engage with your community by replying to comments.
    I noticed that you used instant yeast. In case I want to use, active dry yeast, will it be the sane measurement? And does it mean, the water has to be warm instead?
    Also will I have to wait for the bread to rise?
    Thank you once again for this video.

    Damilola Tooki 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • And knead by hand for 8 mins and add butter periodically after that if u dont have a mixer

    Tunde's treats! 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Byw for people with egg allergies, you can replace 1 egg with 4 tbsp evaporated or condesed milk , like peak

    Tunde's treats! 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Excited to make this and just eat the loaf like that

    Tunde's treats! 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • It's really nice 🙂👍 and so soft sweet

    Olasunkanmi Yinka 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Can't you just list the names 🤦

    Olasunkanmi Yinka 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • I just love the background music. It's so relaxing

    Mary Osagie 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Hello dear, please how will I measure the 7g yeast using those measuring spoon

    Judith Casmir 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Pls most I cover the pan when baking

    Freshcheesejess 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Hello!
    Did you egg washed the dough to give it a ‘brownish’ surface?

    AndraLove Ogunsanmi 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • I watched this video on YouTube yesterday and i have made my own very first home made Agege bread which came out very well and that is what I eat for breakfast this morning, thanks for this video.

    Bawo Heyman. 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Please ma can you I use margarine?

    Monica Onyokwu 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Thank you for sharing. Really helpful. But I tried mine using warm water and my bread didn't rise. Please I need advise

    igwe rita 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • i love it keep moving my dear

    Rachel Onwubiko 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Hi,great video I really want to learn from you.i want to be a Baker and I will love to be ur student so plzzz where can I find you.

    Josephine Basiwaa Mensah 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • How to I post videos!!! I made mine…first attempt and it came out perfect 😍

    Groovykeeky 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Please specify where i can leave it to rise up. Is it in the fridge or where. Kindly reply. Thanks

    Caroline Chinwendu 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • woahhhh. This is really nice

    David 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Wow! Can this be achieved with all purpose flour also?

    chukwunonye udeze 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Please what's the name of the machine you used

    Edith Chidera 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Just subbed to ur channel…I like cooking and baking…I believe I will learn more from you.

    Mercy Ogbonna 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • How can I come to your company to learn it

    Ajayi Aderonke 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Good afternoon ma, why is my bread always turns hard the next day

    Ben Obasekutema 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • I love eating bread, right now i am baking my first bread using your description 🥰🥰🥰

    Layncoln Clothing & Design 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • I just left mine to rise, yet to bake. Finger crossed. Thanks for this and fast recipe. Will let you know the outcome ma

    Chinonyerem Okafor 25/10/2022 am10:20
  • Please can I use cake pan for this?

    Qaharat Ibrahim 25/10/2022 am10:20