How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough – For the House⎮NEW 2021


AFTER MAKING THE PIZZA DOUGH FOR THE HOUSE VIDEO 2 YEARS AGO, i decided to make a new version 2021 of: how to make the Pizza dough for the house but this time with a new method POOLISH, and most important, with all ingredients that you can find in your local store, very easy to make and very simple and very fast ! i hope you like the video and please just if you can subscribe and share with your friends everywhere and leave a like 🙂 also please when you make this Neapolitan pizza Tag me on insta. @Vito Iacopelli
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Recipe for the poolish
300ml. Water
300gr. Flour
5gr. dry yeast
5gr. Honey
Recipe for this pizza dough dough
WATER 700ml.

DESPUÉS DE HACER LA MASA DE PIZZA PARA EL VIDEO DE CASA HACE 2 AÑOS, decidí hacer una nueva versión 2021 de: cómo hacer la masa de pizza para la casa pero esta vez con un nuevo método PISCINA, y lo más importante, con todos los ingredientes que puedes encontrar en tu tienda local, muy fácil de hacer y muy simple y muy rápido! Espero que les guste el video y por favor solo si pueden suscribirse y compartir con sus amigos en todas partes y dejar un me gusta 🙂 también por favor cuando hagan esta pizza napolitana Etiquétenme en insta. @Vito Iacopelli
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Receta para el poolish
300ml. Agua
300gr. Harina
5gr. levadura seca
5gr. Miel
Receta para esta masa de pizza
AGUA 700ml.

بعد صنع عجينة البيتزا للفيديو المنزلي منذ عامين ، قررت عمل نسخة جديدة 2021 من: كيفية صنع عجينة البيتزا للمنزل ولكن هذه المرة بطريقة جديدة مبللة ، والأهم من ذلك ، مع جميع المكونات التي تحتاجها يمكن أن تجده في متجرك المحلي ، من السهل جدًا صنعه وبسيط جدًا وسريع جدًا! آمل أن يعجبك الفيديو ويرجى فقط إذا كان بإمكانك الاشتراك والمشاركة مع أصدقائك في كل مكان وترك مثل 🙂 من فضلك أيضًا عند إعداد بيتزا نابولي ، ضع علامة لي على إنستا. تضمين التغريدة
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وصفة للبركة
300 مل. ماء
300 غرام طحين
5 غرام. الخميرة الجافة
5 غرام. عسل
وصفة عجينة البيتزا هذه
POOLISH (الكل)
ماء 700 مل.
طحين 1250 جرام.
ملح 40 غرام.

Italiano (andate sul mio canale italiano ho lo stesso video in italiano li)


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  • I’m trying to get the pizza stone in your link, but it comes at a pack of 6 and the dimensions are 9” x 4.5” x 1.25” which seems smaller than the one you have in the video. Is it the same one you used?

    tthc88 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Hi Vito, I have a question. When can I freeze the patons.

    Christian Louvion 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Meraviglioso…..è stato buonissima. Un gran successo con la "Ooni" forno per pizza.🥰🥰 Mille grazie👍👍

    Tanja Zuijdevelt 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • how come my poolish comes out very dough like and not like liquid im using almost 2:1 flour to water? is that right i thought poolish was like 1:1 flour and water??? also 10 cups of flours seems like a lot to flour, trying convert ur recipe to cups

    Andre Welch 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Merhaba dostum. Türkçe açıklaman olursa seni anlarım ve takip ederim 🙏

    yollug tigin 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Thank you Vito, finally mastered a pizza dough!! and I don't even have a pizza stone. Everyone- go and do it

    Venin 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Want to know how to make the best pizza? Voila! 🫶

    Sera Myu 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Do we have to use a pizza stone in oven to get your results? Thank you for sharing your secret of a perfect pizza😍

    Zina 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Just made 'the best pizza ever' according to my wife. Thanks to you Vito. I used to hate pizza but it was just because I live in Albuquerque New Mexico. We are known for our red and green chile that tastes buttery but we know NOTHING about pizza! Today,….I know ALL I need to know about pizza.

    Rachel Renee 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Your voice says milligrams when you refer to the water amount but the screen says milliliters? So I'm confused. Are you measuring the water by weight (mg) or by volume (ml)?

    Randall Miller 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Love Vito!

    missy gardner 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Love this recipe already!

    missy gardner 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Pizza King ❤ thank you 🔥😍

    Micke Kunelius 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Looking forward to trying this recipe out. That is exactly the type of pizza I’ve been questing for. I will definitely subscribe after I try making that Beautiful pizza.

    Michael Knight 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Been using this for the past year or so, you have brought joy and smiles to my family… making me look a lot more skilled at pizza making than I have a right to be 😂 thank you for sharing Vito

    Lewmano 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Love all what you have done for all of us. When it comes to pizza you are numero uno every one eles are just trying. That sad
    how about one of your video is making pizzza from start to finish for a familia of 2…. T Y

    Jorge & Cher Rivera 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • How much poolish needet for 10 pizza?, if you don't minde, write arecipe for 10 pizza (polish and daught) step by step

    ymer Aliu 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • U r the best chef 🙏🏿👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 this pizza u have made cost 5 Pound at the supermarket not buying it anymore i will copy u🙏🏿

    zebib tekie tekie 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Please use all purpose flour next video. Every time I make this I have to keep adding water to my poolish because it is thick like dough if I don't. The measurements are all off then.

    Pamela remme 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • I am making this tonight and I haven't been this excited or nervous since my wedding day. The poolish will be ready in a couple of hours and it's go time! Thank you!

    Ted Alexandro 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Followed every step for the pre fermented dough but it does not get more bulk, while in the fridge and the next day becomes very very sticky. Please help if you have any ideas

    Ioannis Kardasis 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • 0:08 me when my food get heated in the microwave. Also i love your accent and definitely will try this recipe!

    Nunu Lwin 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Buono

    Manjot Singh 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • What are the measurements in ounces??????

    Christine Tallarico 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Recommend a pizza steel over a stone for ovens. Just get a thick piece of metal

    ryan pongracz 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • What kind of flour did he say?? Zero zero??

    ryan pongracz 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Beautiful 😍

    Debbie Porter 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • I've dedicated a good chunk of mi pizza making life to get the right/perfect pizza dough , this is a game changer thank you Vito thank you for sharing such a privilege !!!!

    Benjamin Quiroga 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Looks very ugly

    KingJeff Hernandez 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Chef,

    One of the best pizza at home videos ever watched!!

    Just a few questions, what flour have you used? Is it the normal refined flour pizza or 00 flour…

    Also if I don't have a pizza stone then what should I be using as a baking tool?

    Thanks to let me know


    ashwini mone 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • looks good, what stone can be used as a pizza stone?

    Duncan Longden 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Le tue pizze sono le migliori Vito, ma potresti rifare un video dei calzoni fritti di nuovo. Quello che hai fatto mistra il calzone fritto in poco olio o basso, ma sel'olio e basso, non si brucia il calzone sotto?

    electroman 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Ciao Vito, una domanda stupida ma non hai indicato, se usi soltanto l'elemento della stuffa inferiore o sotto alla pizza o anche la griglia..?

    electroman 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Can this dough be frozen?

    Cory G 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Wondering if this pizza dough would do well in a Ooni Fyra pellet pizza oven? I love watching your channel!!!

    Pamela Tolbert 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Magical!! Proprio bello questa pasta per la pizza. This is exactly what I was looking for, grazie!! I loved how you show to work the dough, absolute mastery. I’ve been making dough (focaccia) so I’ve got some experience, this will be a nice little challenge 😅

    ella 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • יבורכו ידיך מדהים תודה לך🙏🏻

    Hana Maman 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Is that dough in that slice not raw at the tip?!🤔

    Michael O 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Hello !! Can i ask you what kind of flour is when you use the spatula and cover the dought with this flour?? Thank youu 😊😊

    Marek Eštvan 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Hello Vito – Quick question.
    If i Per Say make the poolish on a tuesday and then finish the dough and doughballs on wednesday – Can i preserve the doughballs in the fridge until friday? Or Will the doughballs loose taste/form?
    Kind regards

    Morten Blom 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • Does the oven stay at 300c for cooking?

    Andy Martin 18/10/2022 am7:37
  • I hope the 4.7mio viewers are eating fresh pizzas full of love instead of frozen ones

    Johann Muster 18/10/2022 am7:37