How to make Kabocha (OR any vegetable !) Tempura.

Tempura is way easier than you think !

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  • Inggredients on the description pls 🙏

    Lia Yunia 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • Ingredients pls

    Given Moment 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • Thank you for showing us this!

    jahnina pamintuan 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • Looks yummy! I will try this recipe. But what is the other way to cook kabocha besides tempura?

    Alice Gauteng 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • Thank you so much!!!

    Colorful Fun Toys 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • So over mixing will make my tempura too crunchy?..
    Is that a bad thing? Because I really love super crunchy food ❤️ will it be an insult to all of Japan if i over mix?

    Rain N Moon 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • This was the easiest yet a very tasty recipe!! Thank you! I don’t need to buy tempuras from restaurants anymore!!

    名字不可以帶emoji 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • just made this its so delicious! thanks for the recipe 😊

    peppbut 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • are you the lady who got married to Megamind?

    Alexandre Alferan 21/10/2022 pm7:18
  • Is this the same recipe for shrimp tempura?

    Imelda Jayme 21/10/2022 pm7:18