How to make Japanese vegetable tempura

Watch this video to see how to make authentic Japanese tempura. Our recipe features a variety of vegetables, perfectly fried for a tasty Japanese starter. Find the full recipe here:

Tempura is always a favourite in Japanese restaurants, but why not make it at home in your own kitchen? It’s easy to get an authentic Japanese experience with tempura, as it requires just a few easy to find ingredients.

In this video we show you how to deep fry a variety of vegetables for a colourful tempura – red pepper, onion, green beans, sweet potato and mushrooms. But you can of course use any number of vegetables you like!

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  • Very clear instruction. Love to cook this. Thank you.

    imjohnny08music station 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Short and simple video, no voice, no ego!😁 just traditional music. Lovely. Thank you.

    Star Swift 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • yes, stupid music.

    Adam Meek 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • If hyun bin sees your beautiful hands, he'll look for you 🙂

    Avrenim Edragal 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • That’s not a sweet potato-

    Pria 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • This one also easy tenpura making

    Jaysooriya Sudarshana 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Nor is that a sweet potato 😂 @ikkiulliDraws it’s not even a yam.

    Heart and Soul Apothecary 22/10/2022 am5:50

    Adam Meek 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • batter: 450 ml chilled water or (about 2 cups)
    2 egg yolks
    200g plain flour (about 1 cup)

    whisk water and egg yolks together then sift in flour

    rocky 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • first time making tempura and it turned out well – so filing. Free sweet potato from next door.

    paul archer 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Hello Allrecipes UK you make great Tempura that it looks very delicious (^ ^!
    Thank you for writing the detailed recipe video!

    Umami Dream 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Love that music….. and beautiful cooking

    Jaspreet Kaur 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • those don't look like Japanese hands, is this stuff authentic?

    D. Lawrence 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • That is Chinese take out knock off wanna be tempura…. The music isn't even Japanese… Wtf is this garbage.

    John Doe 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • The suspense is killing me: Did you get the shell out of the egg whites???

    m'lady 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • That's a pakora and we Indians love pakoras but we don't add egg in it

    Srishti Varshney 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • are you kidding with this music?

    That's Classic Her 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • This is Chinese music

    Ikkiuii Draws 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • very nice I'll make for my daughter tomorrow

    Tom Sabolek 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • What could I use instead of the mirin and dashi granules?

    Cristy Vaca 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • thanks 🙂 btw, beautiful hands

    mayorre 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Great video. So simple to make. Looks fantastic.

    Abhirama 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Nice vid!!!

    Robert Reynoso 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • this is not tempura! 

    Dylan C. 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • I love tempura, thank you for posting!  I 'll give it a try !

    C.C T 22/10/2022 am5:50
  • Chinese music lol

    SS 22/10/2022 am5:50