How To Make: Ground Meat for Tacos with Old El Paso Taco Seasoning

I show you how to make ground beef for tacos with Old El Paso taco meat seasoning.

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  • I'm sure some will scoff but give ground turkey a try. Been making tacos with ground turkey for years. Way cheaper, way healthier (unless you eat 5 tacos per sitting like me).

    W. Dearth 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Making this tonight 👍🏽

    Stan_Lee_Cup 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Wet 🌮 yuck

    samson atkins 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I only watched the video because it seemed odd to add water

    GP edits 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Lame lol thxs

    james travis 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Miam miam miam!!!

    Marc Paradis 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • i think food is gay

    CARL Rauschkolb 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Thank you 🇺🇸

    TrumpWon 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Absolute life saver. Thank you

    Beastzilla 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • My girl left me for the night and I’m hungry , thanks 😂

    Swipe 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • gross

    Morty's Trap House 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Didr you use oil?

    Michael Cuellar 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Great video! I was cooking as I watched it.
    I feel like Neo when he learned Kung Fu.

    Adam Butcher 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Who tf eats beef that lean absolutely zero flavor

    AntiSocialAntiHero 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Nice job

    Sigogglin 23/10/2022 am10:54
    1) let the food marinate before cooking atleast 2-6 hours take a glove and mix in the powder with 4 teaspoons of oil

    Roger Roger 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Very useful!

    Wei Zhang 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Wow, brilliant. Who knew?

    Steve C 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Put to much water now my meats ruined thx

    UNREALESED Muzik 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I wanna know how much of the sauce i can use if i have portioned hamburger. Because i live alone.

    Isaiah wolftail 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Thanks King

    Robert Suber 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

    Jaron Wheeler 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I accidentally added way too much water and drowned my ground beef. Help.

    SquishYT 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • You don't have to put grease in the pan first!

    Maurice Harris 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • just moved out on my own, this was really nice. thank you

    라일리 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Girlfriend at work… thank you!!!

    John Miller 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I read the description, so this ingredients can make me sick?

    KazutoKeks 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Instead of 2/3 cup I added 2 cup and 1/3. 😐

    Dumpsterdweller 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Good video

    Drew Bordiek 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I like to cook this with red peppers sugar snap peas and cashews and serve it with freshly steamed broccoli 🥦

    Give it a try and let me know your thoughts, but still do as normal Taco 🌮 recipe too 👍

    Ryan Santer 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Looks good.

    evelyn lester 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Im making this tonight for Friday Night SmackDown and imma add Cholula sauce to it also

    DeMarDeRozanSZN 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Very helpful, thankyou!

    zach copeland 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • I used 96/4 and didn’t drain my fat, overall came out good. Added some minced garlic (3-4 cloves of garlic), salt and pepper and about a tablespoon of Taco Bell mild hot sauce, came out pretty good lol.

    Imo, i grew up with just “pour and mix and eat” but then once i heard about season up and add in from friends i was like “won’t it make it extra salty?” then noticed it made a difference. Especially once you microwave it. Really comes in handy.

    Joe Luis 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • No water ?

    Bryan Castle 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • Thank you!

    Ada V 23/10/2022 am10:54
  • That was not possibly but definitely the worst ground beef to use

    KidKellz 23/10/2022 am10:54