How To Make Grilled Chicken in Microwave Oven at Home | Hindi

Hello Friends Today i am Going To Show You,
How To Make Grilled Chicken in Microwave Oven,
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  • Can I add curd? Reply fast

    GLAM FASHION 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • chal chutiye video nhe dikh rHi

    Rahul Maletha 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Can we add curd instead of lemons??

    Sidneet❤ 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Ekdum hi bakwaas bana

    Arsh Khan 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • How did you use metal rack when gril mood is added with microwave mood.
    I mean there were no single grill option as my oven also does not and as per my knowledge we should not use metal while microwave mood.

    mirza prince 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • nice recipe…aapne convection mode mei preheat nhi kiya ..oven ko.

    Arifa Sultana 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Can we prepare it in a grill microwave?

    sourav khanna 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Good work 👏 🙌 Mam

    Health Knowledge & G.K 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Hello dear.
    Mujay oven lana tha moon sa oven theek rahta hai

    Kashmiri Village Girl 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Perfect. I have the same microwave and I am so happy with this recipe.

    Udtha Baaz 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • is it tasty? 🙄

    Nitin Kumar 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Wow nice 😋👍👍

    About Food Production 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Thank you for guidance

    Raziya Sayyad 24/11/2022 am10:54
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    Sajan Chauhan Life 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Ingredients
    800gm chicken – big pieces with slits /cuts for marination

    4 pinch cinnamon powder

    1 tsp Pepper powder

    1 tsp Coriander powder

    1/2 tsp Turmeric powder

    2 TBSP Red chilli powder

    1 TBSP Salt

    4 tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

    1/2 Lemon (Squeeze juice without seeds)

    1. Mix all above and marinate for atleast 30 min

    2. In Black tray, convection mode at 180C for 20 min – flip the chicken after 10 min

    3. Grill on rack for 10 min

    Dennie John 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Thanks mam

    Sourav Sinha 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Mam kitne degree set Kia apne temperature

    simmi Kaur 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • What mode ….I have Samsung convection oven… much degree and how many minutes….pls explain

    Ammu kutty 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Waooo thanku so much mam

    Kalpana Rao 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • I made this chicken four times and every time it went delicious 🥰

    White Spirit 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • How did t change to grill

    saga of love 24/11/2022 am10:54
  • Nimbu skip nai kr skte?

    aayushi 24/11/2022 am10:54