How To Make Delicious Birria Tacos At Home

Birria may be new to some people, but this dish has been around for decades! Follow Micelle Lainez as she shows you how to make melt-in-your-mouth birria tacos with flavor-packed consomé fit for any special occasion.

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CU Man’s hands making tortillas at market / Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
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  • I’m a freak. When I added the apple cider vinegar to deglaze the pan….I also added 16 oz. Mexican Coca Cola. Our BIrria came out so good…….

    Brianna Hirst 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • What are the measurements

    jeramiah contero 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s like god created the Birria, it’s mind blowing.

    Sami A 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Can’t wait to make this today.

    JayJay 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Thank you

    Brisa Dean 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • I did this and forgot the oregano, and foil… came out perfect honestly without them.

    Chefie Jay 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Yes I’m gonna make this tomorrow night

    Brooke 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Chill-eh

    Patrick Wilson 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Do you just put aluminum foil over top of it inside of it and then put it in the oven? Like you do with the leaves?

    Selena Stark 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • I wanna learn how

    Sabrina Brascomb 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • 👍

    Norman Lamotte 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Amazing can’t wait to try this one

    Jeanette-Markell 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • No wonder it's an EXCELLENT recipe, It's by TASTY. 😀

    Robert Richardson 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Banana leaves Def don't add flavor

    Stephon Cole 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Can we keep the consomé for another birrias

    Fedenoob 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • This is too complicated and time consuming for me. I'll just buy some at the taco food stand.

    Lokie 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • I gotta make this- woooow I'm hungry, great video best on the topic .

    O.G. Bachelor 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • You can also just use canned crushed tomatoes and if you can’t find Mexican oregano you can just use regular Italian oregano

    Just a nobody on Youtube 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Somewhile close to Aguascalientes, MX, in 1980, I ordered birria, that was all that was on the menu. I lived, hard to imagine it made it to the states. I believe I was eating roasted goat.

    Dirty Shame 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • This recipe looks really delectable. Can I replace the same recipe with lamb? Also which cuts should I use to make Birria tacos with Lamb?

    Jatin Jangra 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Soo tasty🙂

    Topics about Everything 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Thank u so much…God bless you

    Jesus Matters 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Italian and Mexican oregano are two different plants with two different Scientific names. If I am not mistaken they are not even related.

    Chris Bartley 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • You nailed it, girl!

    Jon Usry 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Shut up and take my money. When do I find such sweet, sweet angelic tacos?

    Lastzombie Hunter 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • You weren't kidding. LONGEST 90 MINUTES EVER!!

    Gerardo R. 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • I am a pretty awesome cook. I just don't know why I am in the place I am in!

    Jayson Black 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • So delicious! Wil aluminum foil add another layer of flavor?

    Write for a Living Online 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • leave the seeds

    wet timguavass 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Ok I Cant make this.👀2 much work

    billiejean baccus 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Don't do the apple cider vinegar I cooked 4 times n this time I used it.i will never again but everything else is fire

    Michael Thompson 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • Made this recipe and was banging

    jonathan cortes 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • i tried birria for the first time last week and was crushingly disappointed with lack of flavor. Watching this, I realize I must have chosen the worst place possible

    qownsqud 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • This looks amazing… I’d make it without the pickled onion though. Not my thing. But everything else, absolutely.

    Spencer Lent 22/10/2022 am5:27
  • i like the heat but my wife doesnt so how can i not make the recipe less spicy ?

    don1985don 22/10/2022 am5:27