how to make Crispy French Fries at home

Why are french fries fried twice? Why are french fries boiled first? Why should I add vinegar to the boiling water? We’ll answer all those questions by learning how to make Crispy French Fries at home. Recipe from The Food Lab.

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– The Food Lab by Kenji Lopez

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Crispy Intro: (0:00)
Why are fries fried twice?: (0:33)
Why are french fries boiled?: (1:20)
Why boil in vinegar?: (2:20)
Recipe: (3:15)



  • So I tried this but they were still a bit soft! I used Yukon Gold, potatoes, that’s the only difference, but I followed this process to a T, even made sure to check the temperature. I’ll try again with Russet because I’m not sure why they didn’t come out super crispy like his. The sauce was very delicious though!

    Roxanne Caracciolo 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Coat them in potato starch or corn starch before the final fry and it’ll give it a light crunchy coating

    seropserop 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • This was the only recipe that worked for the resolution i wanted! Easy to follow as well, will bookmark the recipe on the site 😀

    Varjostin 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • I am going to have nightmares from the sight of Mr. C’s teeth chewing! 😀

    Valizan 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • so, they go straight from the fridge to the oil?

    MaBriz 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • The sound of you chewing in the intro is disgusting.

    Ryan Manning 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • These fries were fucking amazing

    Corbett 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Any special notes for shoestring fries other than cut size?

    max slomoff 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • I saw a recipe claiming that mcydees boils their potatoes in sugar water~ which would be counter to your boil removing sugars maybe … have u ever heard of that or tried it?

    max slomoff 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Hey Ethan, i'm a web developer and i was reading the article linked in the description and i find that the images in your webpage are too wide and tall making navigating uncorfortable (images and videos are so big that get cut in half while reading and you get the sensation that you have to zoom out to get confortable). It's not a bad webpage but taking that in consideration would make it more usable and intuitive, anyway amazing content!

    Aarón Díaz 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Whilst the results are good, there are things that you can do to make your process more efficient and less wasteful. Great video though! 👍

    Braaidude 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • 🌺 Blaque Hippie 🌺 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Best fries I've ever had in my life. I shallow fried them in olive oil and they turned out perfectly

    Henry Hopkins 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • The french fry stall I go to occasionally hasn't been here for a while, so now I am making this to satisfy my period cravings. Thank you for such an informative video!

    Masala Pizzaa 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Hadn’t seen anyone else say to boil them in the vinegar water and they turned out the best! I have been doing the same process with chips for the longest time. Boiling them like the chips had been a thought of mine for quite some time just never did do it. Enjoyed every bite of these!

    Yamaha Guy17 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Superb! Thanks for mentioning freezing post stage-2.

    K. Chris Caldwell 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Thanks a bunch!!

    SCG Niagara 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Long vid long

    Kelvin Brank 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Let me apologize for any bad thing I've ever thought about you.

    Rich Samuel 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • I just made a batch of these for lunch. I'm Italian so I don't like measuring or timing recipes, but they still came out perfect on my first try.😃

    wado1942 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Dude even if you have 1 million subscribers they say u underrated sorry for them

    Deeq 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • What? What did you say at 7:07??? Hole hole may? Cantonese? Delicious?
    You speak Cantonese?

    【鱼论】小龙鱼 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Hearing you chew in the beginning of the video triggered my fight or flight response. Please no more loud chewing. Thanks

    RemuRawr 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Very good technique, I just made them today. I used avocado oil and they were great. I think one caution is to only take them to light golden, I let a few stay in oil beyond 4.5 minutes, just to experiment, and they were dry and had almost hollowed interiors. Delicious.

    jeff s 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Awesome, real french fries on youtube.

    LEO Leosen 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Ethan, would you consider trying a variation of this method? Boil the fries, but then coat them in corn starch or potato starch or a mix of both, shake off or brush off the excess, and then just fry them once until golden. There are videos on YouTube of people making starch coated fries, and they are extra crispy without needing to double-fry. The boiling step should cook the potatoes through. Try it and see what you think of it.

    Berkana 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • You brilliant genius of a man. You stallion among donkeys. You King among troglodytes.

    I have been making fries with the double fry method (and other popular youtuber methods) for years and have never come CLOSE to this level of perfection. On the first try I had restaurant quality fries and I am ecstatic.

    Thank you so much for the work you put into your vids and for explaining the science behind it. The boil first with vinegar method is king.

    Gren Gren 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • No way that's 2 l of water. But great recipe

    Erich von Manstein 18/10/2022 pm3:04
  • Started making these when I realized I only had 2/3rd bottle of canola oil left in my pantry… so in order to stretch it out, I used up the last bottom third of a jar of Duck Fat.

    What followed was probably the single best french fry I've ever eaten in my life.

    PhantomSavage 18/10/2022 pm3:04