How to Make Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic

Test cook Dan Souza uncovers the secrets to Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic.

Make Our Crisp Roast Butterflied Chicken with Rosemary and Garlic:
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  • Thanks for your video… I love making chicken this way. I do it without any seasonings, just a bit of olive oil or home made Ghee… I eat the legs & wings, and my kitty eats all the breast meat… It ends up so juicy … My kitty already had two helpings of it this morning… (I give him the best… none of that commercial cat food for my kitty)

    Dakiniwoman 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • So, like…is the whole reason you're putting it face-down in the skillet because you don't bother to let it air dry? Or is it because it is air dried that it doesn't stick to the completely unoiled skillet?

    Kaitensatsuma 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • It's beefy

    Studog78 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I have tried this numerous times and unless your chicken is incredibly dry the skin will come off on the flip. The chicken will be amazing, but good luck getting that skin.

    Dean Maudal 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Butterfly is a much better term!

    Brandy Rupert 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Should be fun cleaning all that splashed oil in the oven lol

    Candi Soda 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I have one very major problem with this “simple technique” to Spatchcock a chicken and that is broken bones that can cut the person cooking and carving the chicken but more importantly can become a serious and potentially life threatening chocking hazard for the eater. I was taught when Spatchcocking a bird to first remove the “Whishbone” and then when cracking open the bird to check throughly for any other broken bones and if discovered remove them. Personally I rather take the 5 to 7 additionally minutes and remove the rib cage and tight bones. Yes the first couple of times it can be daunting but afterwards it takes only a few minutes and your bird will cook even quicker. To hold the bird together while cooking I use a couple of bamboo skewers

    gullreefclub 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Those spoon sounds scraping the glass bowl are certified ASMR

    Tulio y me duele 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • You can tell her heart breaks a little when he uses the tea towel to get the pan out of the oven instead of that green handle cover thing. That was her one contribution

    Ash Pragasam 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • love how this guy handles raw chicken and then doesn't wash his hands before he touches EVERYTHING in the kitchen. gross.

    420 Troll 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Tried this today. So easy and fast! Very tasty.

    Ernest Anderson 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Going to make it right now. Have a chicken with no ideas. Thank you!

    Tim Ivers 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Food safety is questionable in this video haha

    Geoffrey Augusto 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I use this method all the time, even on Cornish Hens. 🐔🍗

    Mr. Fat 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • That sausage finger b itc h is so fu ckin g annoying. It's a better quicker show without her…:(

    Alexander Dredd 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Just made this and it came out great. I was a bit nervous about the heat,. It it came out just right.

    Daniel Nicolai 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I made this but dry brined my chicken in fridge for almost 2 days. It turned out super juicy and yummy but the texture of the meat was too soft and not firm. Was this because of the brine? It was even cooked beyond 165 for breast and it still was just too soft.

    UrbanExplorer 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Loved the recipe but the inside of the oven was Splashes all over. Next time will cover with foil

    Helen Goor 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Easy delicious recipe!

    Helen Goor 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • love you guys …thanks so much for all your wonderful recipes.

    izzy's videos 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • My sons grandmother gave me her grandmothers iron pans, that was almost 40 years ago. I have picked up more over the years and its all i use. All the internet sites, have no clue how to xare for or use it correctly. Eggs slude out like the best non stick available. I use it on a fire and electric and gas stoves. When i go to my mothers house twice a week to make her dinner, i bring iron.

    Robert Dinicola 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I tried it and it was amazing!

    Anne 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Great presentation,can learn lots of small tips! Great😊🙃❤

    Patsy Patrick 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I love this way of cooking whole chicken. So convenient and tasty.

    justinssleeyt 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • ATK recipes usually work well for me. Not this one. Browning was weak & not crispy. Chicken definitely should have been dry brined. Maybe just too much water pumped into this bird by the butcher.

    Bill Kerr 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • 03-12-2022 excellent excellent chicken. No need for roasted store chicken. This is the best. From Portage indiana.

    Mary Nelson 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I just made this tonight for the first time. turned out great except im in an apartment and my smoke alarms went off like crazy when there was about 5 minutes left on the initial cook. The chicken itself came out great but if I do it again I need to figure out some way to control the smoke alarm

    Miko 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I'm going to make this tonight. While the chicken is resting though I'm going to add some minced shallots and either broth or white wine to use those great pan juices into a simple sauce. Thanks for a great video.

    Diane Schuller 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I leave it on a plate in the fridge to dry all day

    Lauracooks 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Must be something wrong with my chicken or my oven but this filled my kitchen and oven with tons of smoke. I'm also surprised your skillet wasn't smoking when it came out of the oven. I'm only doing this outside on the grill if I do it again.

    NinjaMonkeyPrime 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I don’t see heating the pan in the oven for 30 min being they beneficial. I use high heat on the stove with some grape seed oil & get it to smoking point then drop the chicken skin side down in that after I’ve let it temp on the counter for a hour and a half with just salt on it. Making sure your meat is room temp & giving time for the salt to penetrate the meat is key. Even steaks, you will notice a huge difference in how it cooks, tenderness & taste.

    Daniel Barton 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Lady asks questions to chef but she answers them. Cheesy!

    rickysvt 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • This looks delicious 😋

    Crochet Goddess 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • This was very good and easy enough except the cleaning the oven required after cooking.

    Kelly Rippy 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • At 5:12: it would be much safer to use two hands to pull that hot, heavy skillet plus 3.5 lbs of chicken out of the oven. Long arms might be good, too.

    merry hunt 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I'm about to do this right now!

    Sherry Cook 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • This is tonight’s supper.

    Steven Kukene 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • I like the method you used, it’s pretty easy, but I need different spices! Chicken was not dry, just bland!

    Rochelle Castro 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • She grossed me out when she insulted his safety intelligence (and mine) by sliding that handle cover on.

    Fire and Rice 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • nope you ripped the skin off, bad idea

    Beth Bilous 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Tried this and liked it but the high heat caused the seasoning on my cast iron pan to flake and peel off. Maybe that's why they are selling cast iron pans?

    John Hopper 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • It is nice to see this 📷.
    May God bless 👍with happiness, good luck, wisdom and good health🏋️. My best wishes are always with you. Keep growing and stay blessed. 👍. Hardwork always create blissful results.۔۔۔۔

    Mashallah Meri Routine 19/10/2022 am12:58
  • Made this today on my lunch break. Turned out fantastic even if the chicken I had some tears in the skin. Also, don't do this on a very cold day if you don't have a range exhaust hood…it triggered my smoke detector and scared the crap out of my dogs! Being -4F today, I couldn't just open a window.

    Tom Westbrook 19/10/2022 am12:58