How To Make Classic Shrimp Tempura At Home

Making homemade shrimp tempura doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or gadgets. Just some good shrimp, some water, some flour, some oil, and that’s pretty much it. This is going to show you both how to prepare your shrimp tempura, how to make tempura batter, and how to fry them for extra crispiness.


Candy Thermometer:
or This Deep Fry Thermometer:
Bonito Flakes:




  • Why not deshell the tail of the shrimp?

    Alexandre Vong 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Please do a calamari video Papa Joshua

    Liza J 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Anyone know how to make a gluten free version of this thats still as bubbly for the batter? Me and my boyfriend love wegmans gluten free sushi but id like to make it on my own at home for us so its more affordable any help would be apprecaited. For reference i know that wegmans uses tapioca starch, rice flour and egg in the batter i just dont know what portions or other ingrefients to use

    Natalie Stillwell 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Ingredients:
    Carbonated water
    Ice cubes
    Baking soda
    All purpose flour
    Shrimp/ prawns

    kitsy ruth 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • smash it up

    Spartakos 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Joshua

    Mind Riot 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Yummy tempura 🍤

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  • Just made it. Fucking delicious ❤️

    Duc Long Hoang 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Çok güzel bir paylaşım 🤝

    welding bilgin 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • The color of the meat changing suddenly when josh about to dredged it into flour. Lol

    Giovanni Kurniawan 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • i dont know but Im kinda distracted with the nails

    CHARIE A. QUIMADO 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Yeah, I think I’ll just go to my pantry and grab the ingredients for the tempura sauce. Nice, but I just wanted to fry some shrimp I had in the freezer for the last 6 months with some flavor. Will A1 steak sauce do for a substitute?

    Michael Barbuto 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • I'm genuinely happy you are alive, you have changed my family's life

    LeeRoyJenkins713 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • OMG, any foodie person that has a food channel and can't even have clean hands & finger nails is just fuck'in SICK !!😲😲 Go and scrub your your hands and brain at the same time !🤬🤬

    JJ Burns 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • 😊😊

    Lubna Almulla 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • I just made this tonight and it was great! I just used hondashi instead of making my own broth for the sauce.

    Amber Smith 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • That’s coo I’m eating a shaggy roll as I watch this video.

    Dan Farrell 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Is it a problem if my egg mixture is the consistency of jizz

    Muneeb Elyaman 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • i worked at japanese restaurant before specializing in tempura , we used baking powder not baking soda ,,, baking soda has this distinct chemical taste on tempura that baking powder doesnt have.

    MISAYONEE 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Do bang bang shrimp

    Kullinn Meilleur-Finn 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • if i dont have carbonated water, can i use soda?

    Jon Atari 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Great stuff gosh yum yum 🤤

    Dave 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • thanks josh! my daughter and I plan to use this for Sushi

    DBC 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • I love your B-Rolls. 😍

    Dalton Janssen 16/10/2022 pm8:01
  • Can you make patato shrimps?

    Jorian Van Eick 16/10/2022 pm8:01