How To Make Birria Tacos

Andrés Galindo of Nene’s Deli Taqueria in Brooklyn, NYC is in the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen making Quesabirria Tacos. He braises beef until tender in a rich chile broth and then crisps it in a corn tortilla with cheese. The result is a savory and cheesy cross between a quesadilla and a taco, served with a bright consommé dip.

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  • What meat is that pull pork?? Or as we call it pernil???

    Yazmin Algarin 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I make birria with pork butt🐷

    Skip Brewer 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • Destroyed it with all the LIME JUCIE – DRINKING BEEF LEMONADE lol 🍋🍋🍋🍋

    ice Cream dipper 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • A+++ store trip forsure

    BRANDON Garcia 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • He said you grab the kawn sue may I'm out lmao

    Moy Xraw 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • Food porn 😆 😆 😆

    anall3akag3 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • You need salsa roja, foo

    Steven Gonzalez 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • It’s broth, not consomé.

    Joel Samaniego 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I’m going to make these tonight for dinner wish me luck lol. First time I took my husband to try birria tacos at this Mexican restaurant by our house he fell in love lol. He had never tried birria tacos before .

    Emarie Smith 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • you didn’t really do a great job describing the ingredients

    genni 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • Oohhh I'm def making these for the fanily

    Amanda 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I had this back in Virginia and it was so good. My sister learned how to make it for her husband. He taught how to make a few dishes and she's been teaching him how/what we cooked too. He loves our traditional food like frybread and mutton and kneel down bread 🙂

    Cece Klyd 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I love American food and Mexican food.

    Steven Isidore 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • Does the oil have to be hot when you pour in the red sauce? Are you trying to fry it to a certain point?

    John Viveros 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • The problem is once you have these tacos, every other taco will pale in comparison.

    NinjaPooop 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I'm convinced at this point, after trying multiple times, that making birria is too hard to get correct. Better to buy it

    Joe Shmo 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • Is this the same kitchen where Chef Aaron Sanchez cooked the Chile Colorado ? I’m almost certain about it. Good recipe

    Rodolfo Lopez Salinas 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • I am a white cook my suegra is from Mexico I showed her this video one night & she was like okay cool yeah whatever the next day I made it for her and she was OBSESSED and now she is having me cook a huge batch for her birthday party next week. Thanks for the recipe🙏

    Justin Anderson 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • What liquid did you submerge the meat with?

    The Realist 17/10/2022 pm8:16
  • My tortillas sticks to my pan 😔

    Hey Tiffney 17/10/2022 pm8:16