How to make a Tempura Batter mix

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    Wiam Haddani 26/10/2022 am2:09
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  • I live in Istanbul-TURKIYE how am I gonna find Monarch flour here in TURKIYE ?? What's so special about Monarch Flour ? Is it REALLY REALLY..Fine Grinded ???

    bunakkaptan 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Sir what is the type of flour u use?it's not clear ..tenx

    Mina Mir 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • The great white ninja misses you sensei

    JKarp Wild Fishing 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • I found Monarch flour but they sell it in 50 lbs. no way. I’m alone . Lol but I also found Monarch pastry flour. Which kind are you talking about or is there a substitute I can use. Bread flour ? Help me please. I like success

    Dizzie Chef 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Why is Monarch flour a choice flour for Tempura?

    Dizzie Chef 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Beautiful. I’d like you to live in my kitchen.

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  • Please give me a recipe tempura batter please

    Alias Yaacob 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • I dont understand because my english not very well can you please do the translate malaysia

    Alias Yaacob 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Hi, Sam. I have a hard time finding "Monarch" brand flour where I live. I believe it is made by a Canadian company. Do you have another brand that you would recommend? Would any kind of cake flour do? Thanks!

    George Man 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Sam, you are the MAN! Thanks for sharing your batter recipe! It looks absolutely delicious.

    George Man 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • What kind of flour is he using? The background noise made it hard to hear.

    Stephanie Reaburn 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • What is the protein level of the monarch your using? And could I use other flour with the same protein level?

    John Scopelliti 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • What kind of flour? Couldn’t quite understand

    John Scopelliti 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Canyou make one video big batch’s Tempura say 1000 pieces and the consistency of tempura

    Lucia- Madrid Nishino Jurado 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Why is the flour in there? MANN=!=!=!=!

    Vincent Van 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Yes 350 degree oil temperature. Do not cook long time it will burn. Thanks you for Watching videos 👍

    sam sushi 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Best tempura video I saw!

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  • nice and crispy tempura! my favorite…the shrimps looks big!

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  • Thanks chef really great well explained tempura video.. Please continue to load more video.. You are professional chef

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  • may i know what flour u use..tq

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  • May I know the temperature of the deep frying oil? Would love to see more cooking vids from you:)

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  • Dude ! – That was superb, what a really cool way to get the tenkasu to build up around the tempura. That was class. Can you provide a few more details, like oil temperature and flour plus any quantities as a base measure.

    Aidan Joyce 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • More yummy food recipe videos please !

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  • That's owsom. looks VERY delicious I want have bites of crispy tempura yamy. Nice job

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  • What flour ?
    Monarch flour?

    Gerard Jones 26/10/2022 am2:09
  • Love the technique, been wondering how to get all that Tenkasu to stick to my tempura! Thank you so much. Btw whats the temp of the oil? Keep it up. 🙂

    nozty 26/10/2022 am2:09