HOW TO MAKE A SANDWICH | Egg + Bacon + Cheese Sandwich | Breakfast Recipe

HOW TO MAKE A SAMIPLE SANDWICH using a sandwich maker | Egg + Bacon + Cheese Sandwich | Breakfast Recipe
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  • This looks so yummy 😋

    LIFE WITH JULIE MBITHE 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Yummy 😋

    Andrew david ayi 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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    Hair Jungle 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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    Hair Jungle 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • What's the red thing you put on top of the fried egg?

    Chiomy Stel 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Pls ma the bread on top,did you smear butter on it?

    Chiomy Stel 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Sooo delicious😋✨😋✨ I really love it sooo much God bless you

    hamna foods 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • No joke I actually tried the sandwich with sardine and mayo and I fell in love at first bite

    Richard Niemogha 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Beutiful

    AB Foods |ኤቢ ማዕድ | 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Best recipe ever. smells wonderful!

    June 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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    Humphrey karua 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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    Eric Mutwiri 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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    Precious Uwagboe 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Thanks a zillion times for this lovely video

    Anthony Femi 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I've done this one oo, but I forgot to take pictures 😭😂. When I try it again, I will come back here to drop pictures.

    Golden Favy 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I love the way you giggles when it comes to the personal thing you love about food…. it makes me laugh 😂😂😂

    okusi Azeezat 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Hi mama, how’s our new baby and how are the cutie siblings ma, pls I checked the store but celebration cookbook isn’t there. Secondly I would love to know what name brand is this toaster or sandwich maker pls

    The GLORIOUS Generations Family 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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  • Hi sis Yemisi, love 💕 ur cooking!
    Pls hw do I get a copy of ur cook book after payment n hw do I go Abt d payment as well?

    Mariam Ukandu 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I Loovee salted butter😍😁 and also spreading it on bread myself. This does look yummy and would def try the combo👍🏼. Thank you Sisiyemmie🥰

    Facynta 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • We call it a Tostie hear by notice in Nigeria it’s called sandwich ❤️

    Constance Jones 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Hello dear lovely video. Can I ask what is the brand name and model number of the sandwich maker you used please? ❤️🇬🇧

    Starflower 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Growing up, I used to strictly spread my butter through all corners of my bread. But adulting don collect all these things from my hand lol.

    The World of Sam 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • Very lovely

    Mirabel Ekong 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • It's the brown colour for me, so inviting and yummy. Thanks for sharing ❤

    Elohor Alago 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I like to butter my bread myself too cos nobody can be generous like i do to my bread

    Omoyemi Ilori 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • This is a perfect breakfast ideal I will differently be trying it out …I love cheese too 😋 thanks for sharing 👍

    Pretty Happy 23/10/2022 pm5:10
  • I’ll definitely try this. Sisi yemmie ur content is always very beautiful and unique ❤️

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  • Now that’s a serious sandwich 🥪 😊🎉💃🏽

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    Chefnshopper Kitchen 23/10/2022 pm5:10
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