How to make a loaf of bread from scratch (Beginner friendly!)

This yeast bread is beginner friendly! Every step you need to make bread from scratch is clearly outlined for you in this simple to follow video. Learn what your bread should look like in each phase, how to knead and bake your loaf to perfection.

The printable recipe for this loaf is found here:

This loaf of yeast bread is so versatile, you can also use it for cinnamon rolls, garlic bread, monkey bread and so much more! Please let me know if you have any questions and tag me on social media with pictures of your bread.

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  • You talk too much – less talk, more technique! Some women talk too much and then wonder why their husbands don’t listen to them.

    kay smith 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • When you watch this video, specifically when she explains the thick foam of the dry yeast, turn your phone or head diagonally and you'll see what looks to be a face. 2 eyes, a nose, lips, and even a check bone. Freaky lol

    SomeGuy OnAPhone 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I haven’t made homemade bread in years. This week I’ll try yours using King Arthur’s and Wheat Flour.I’d rather make my own bread than store buy. Looking forward to trying this! I may make a little extra and do fried bread (similar to naan) as well.

    Mac X 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I've watched a lot of bread making videos but you have been the only one so far that explained the difference between regular flour and bread flour. I just started making bread and when I've used up my regular flour, I'll definitely be buying bread flour if I can. It's October 2022 and some things are becoming less available. Also, blowing the wasp on your hand away was smarter than swatting at it and you were so cool about it. 🙂

    Linmar 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Parchment paper avoids the oil

    Whosoever 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • You have nerves of steel…. if it was me…. a wasp on my hand……The video would have been terminated abruptly… Lol

    Thanks for the video!

    Jonathan Marula 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Thank you for making this video

    Kickstand 84 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Hi, I made this yesterday exactly as demonstrated, kneading the dough along with you. Turned out Great! Thanks for the detailed video. You have a new subscriber.

    Taco Tripper 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Woman has no fear. Look, I have a wasp on my had. And then just blew it off lol

    SCOTT THOMAS 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Idc that this came out two years ago, I finally attempted this today and it came out SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The crust, the flavor, everything about it is amazing and I'm a 21 yr old mom out here thinking I can't do anything in this kitchen 😭❤️❤️🤠

    Ashla Renee 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I live in the UK and tend to use digi scales when measuring, i loved this vid but upon trying to follow it, ny ratios were off and ended up with an extremely doughy lump of cooked sadness, I'd love to make this loaf properly and would like to ask if you would be so kind in showing me the ingredients list in grams please? All the best to you, im off to binge watch the rest of your vids 💖

    Vinnie Vassiliou 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • What you said in this video, could you please write and attach it in a link? Because I can't get English very well. If you do this, many people will be benefited like me.

    sunita tarafder 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • you so casually just blew a wasp off your hand. LOL. I think that in itself deserves a subscribe! Thank you so much for this recipe! I cant wait to try!

    elarawen 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • How about you make the bread then deliver to my house by UPS
    Please don’t forget to pay delivery charge as well thanks

    Dimp Dipping 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Thanks for sharing

    Blessed Workable 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I love this recipe it turns out a fabulous loaf but how can I make the crust crusty I love a crusty bread

    Patricia Gilder 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Tysm. Great video! Very helpful 🙂

    Random Randum 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I am so happy for viewing this video few minutes and also subscribed to you. Thank you so much 💓 💗 💛 💖 am gonna try now dear

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  • yeast is a living thing?? suddenly i feel ill

    ng mui 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • A great loaf

    rosemary bussure 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Thank you for the video. I'm in New Orleans. I refuse to buy bread anymore.

    John The Bartender 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • What if i have instant yeast?

    Wamster 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • We’re gonna use 3 and a half cups…..but only 3 cups….😑

    Escape to sea 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Hi there. This was the best recipe me and my husband has ever followed. It turned out EXCELLENT.!!! Thank you.!

    Michael Elias 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Why did my bread keep sticking to my fingers? Kept having to add flour. Pretty sure I used 3 1/4 cups of flour plus the flour added during kneeding. The temp inside is 69 degrees F and the humidity inside is 49%.

    Delight Hahn 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • What a great video!! Fantastic, friendly presentation…just the type of video I was looking. Thank you

    Itchy2day 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • It's so much easier to whisk instant yeast in the flour. Best to break eggs in a bowl 1st so you know there are no shells. Never mix salt and yeast. Use a scale, it's more consistent. 130 grams per cup.

    gary olsen 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • 15:55 how did the loaf increased in size again?

    Nayan Mipun 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • So we kill the yeast in the heating of the loaf

    Nayan Mipun 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Great video.

    Gigi Grant 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Can you use glass loaf pan?

    Gigi Grant 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • 2:24 mixing liquids

    1 egg
    3 Tbsp cane sugar/1 Tbsp honey
    2 Tbsp oil
    3/4 tsp salt

    urHumbleservant 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I watched this video, she should me many things I didn't know, and I have been doing wrong. Will review this video as long as you run it, don't be in a hurry to take it off. Thanks you guys

    Troy Hilton 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Yesterday I made this bread and it turned out perfect. Thanks for this easy recipe

    My Power Kitchen 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I just came across your video and decided to try it. It turned out awesome!!! I had my friends try it and they love it…I guess I'll be baking bread more often now…Thank you for this

    Babesmspretty 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • The way she handled that wasp at the end so calmly… I would have freaked out of frame within half a second xD

    stavi_k 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Silly question, do you still use the 1c of water if you're using instant yeast?

    Aileen G 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • That loaf of bread looks amazing. Do you have a recipe for Sourdough bread ?

    Michelle Stevens 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Thank you for this recipe! I’ve been practicing by baking a loaf of bread a day because I wanted to become very familiar with it. My family loves it and this is the tastiest bread ever!

    S V 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Mine came out great! Now, let’s do the cinnamon raisin version!!!

    Hopelessly Inquisitive 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I love the details………………………

    Mez Zem 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I have had it with commercial bread. I prefer organic breads not laced with Roundup ( you should too) but nobody sells them. So I'll be trying this with the organic flour I have.

    Chris Rasmussen 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • I have to lightly oil my plastic wrap so it doesn't stick to it as it rises.

    LaToya Matson 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Omg this was crazy informative…..I work at subway and I'm dying to try and find the perfect bread recipe. So I'll be trying this today.

    LaToya Matson 18/10/2022 am3:40
  • Made this and it came out so good. I used to metric measurements on the website and followed along with the video. For me, the process took 4 hours total. A little over an hour and a half for both rises. And the kneading took me a big longer too. I used melted coconut oil both in bread and to line my tin, which I was worried if coconut oil would leave a strange taste but it came out amazing and couldn’t taste it at all. That buttery last step also transformed my whole loaf, I ate nearly half of it with a touch of butter and a sprinkle of salt 😮‍💨 my only wish is that I would’ve made two!!!

    pialli ollin 18/10/2022 am3:40