How To Make A Juicy Whole Roast Chicken | Delish Insanely Easy

Intimidated by a whole chicken? Don’t be! It’s surprisingly easy to make, and there’s nothing better than roast chicken leftovers. Great on salads, in sandwiches, and more.

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  • let us know what you want Lena to make next!

    Delish 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Wash your chicken and then clean your surfaces with Clorox spray.

    Roquel Terrell 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I stopped watching at “ dont wash your chicken”

    PinkMarshmallow86 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Just finished making my roast chicken in my toaster over. It took almost 2 hours but it was worth the wait. Came out delicious and so juicy,,,,

    Fernando 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • How many pounds was your chicken? 50 minutes at 425, I'm suprised by this though I'm in the early stages of my chicken education.

    The Swashbuck Journal 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Why are you roasting such a small chicken?

    David Westfall 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • My chicken was ✨ PERFECT ✨
    But… the veggies were burnt 🥲

    Renae Smith 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • So glad to see someone give correct advice about washing chicken. Also, great recipe – Edit, i subbed because of the birdie dance!!! :p

    Slartibartfast 19/10/2022 pm3:30

    Frank Dux 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Its herbs not erbs

    meldah speight 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Ya'll REALLY need to stop on these amateurish/beginner cooking shows telling people "not" to wash those supermarket chickens–like if you guys SAW what conventional chickens go through on their way to your table you would probably wash them in Mr. Clean. People PLEASE wash the chicken, rinse them at least, trust me your body will thank you.

    VKL Futura 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Bizarre music, distracting

    weldinflowers 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Turned out great, thank you!

    Kristin Kavanaugh 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Anyone know her @

    Anthony 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • No, No! Wash the chicken! Then dry it, and prep it!

    ILIANA DIAZ 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • no thank u!!!

    Sonia's adventure 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • That’s what Clorox spray is for…to disinfect the sinks and counters…I ALWAYS wash my chicken 🤷🏾‍♀️not to wash it is gross🤢🤮

    lovechild tre 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • 2:33 smacznego

    Vachery 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Did tasty get inspired by you or the other way round?

    Abdul Waheed Khatri 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Yuck loos uncooked sucks

    Chino Tino 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I wash my chicken all the time 😂😂👀

    up4atgal 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • just clicked out after she said don't wash the chicken.

    Richika Serrao 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • This chef does not know the ABC of food cleanliness. You always need to wash your meat, then dry it up. What's so hard about it? You still would get crispy skin outside

    Teena Abraham 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Spatchcock makes for crispy legs and thigh + cooks faster

    Chris S 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • She lost me at the don’t wash your chicken part. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Jus_Luhv 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Try poking the chicken too so that the juice will reach deep inside the meat so that everything will be tenderly cooked and not be bland.

    Along Pongener 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • sigh…these people basically don't wash they chicken because they're lazy and lack patience. Have you ever heard of washing your hands in between touching items and CLEANING your sink and surrounding areas after washing it? All you need to clean it is lemon juice, or vinger its not that hard. Just a matter if you wanna be lazy or not

    lilmamagc 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • It's not seasoned!!!

    Vanny Tuy 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Roast chicken without any stuffing? May as well not bother….

    Cameron Bell 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • I don't think I'm not gonna washed my chicken. And I want my chicken seasoned even inside of the chicken, because we need to get flavor not only outside the skin of a chicken much more flavored deeper of a chicken meat..

    Lucelle Legaspi 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • After thanks giving you can take the left overs and make chicken soup, or chicken salad sandwiches or chicken pot pies. with the remainder meat portions.

    Julianna Okike 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Truss the chicken?


    A. Barnard 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Stuffing the chicken doesn't do anything but insult the ingredients that you're stuffing in there, PLUS it messes with your cook time.

    A. Barnard 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • Rub the skin with kosher salt and baking powder and then put it in the fridge for 24 hours!

    A. Barnard 19/10/2022 pm3:30
  • The most boring video, please keep this woman behind the scenes

    Annmarie B 19/10/2022 pm3:30