How to Cook Roast Chicken | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s got a Roast Chicken recipe that is bound to get the royal seal of approval! We all know that Harry & Meghan got engaged over this dish, so next time they need to follow Jamie’s tips to make sure it’s perfect. Give this a go and you’ll never go wrong, getting juicy, herby, flavourful chicken every time!

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  • I'm 61 … watching a video how to roast a chicken. Talk about being an over-achiever in life …

    SoftCrimson 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Wait…no salt outside of the how you salted the herbs? Or did I miss it

    Erika Bliss 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • No wonder! How did you kill this chicken. Shoot it?

    S P H I N X 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • They said it was the best chicken they ever had! I was very proud of myself.

    Jonathan Fitzgerald 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • By the way I added rosemary. Oh it is fabulous with rosemary. To die for.

    Virginia Savo 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • That was perfection Jamie but mine doesn’t look like that lol. Hope it tastes good we’ll see lol 😂

    Virginia Savo 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • U brought Meghan Markle 🤢🤮yaaaaak

    Amy Black 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • It will feed 6-8 people. LMAO, the other day the wifesky and me obliterated a bird that size with ease in one sitting. And no leftovers for another 4 People as you assume in your 15 min cooksie booksie.

    BigMuff75 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • For a second at 3:35, I thought someone was standing in the back looking on.

    KjetilK 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Thank you chef!

    Self Reflection 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I love that his chicken errr kitchen doesnt look like morgue lab / commercial for tupperware

    W. Loczykij 16/10/2022 pm2:37

    Aditiyan Selvaratnam 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Note: 225c for 1 hour

    Ameerah A 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • so fun. thanks!

    hawksnest 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Why don't people cut of the chicken bum!!

    Lily Khandker 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Great stuff. Even better, have the chicken on a rack with sliced root vegetables under it. Rutabaga, sweet potato, beet, carrot. The veges get all caramelized on the bottom and they are cooking in the chicken drippings.

    drscottadams 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I can't even pop the ball joint off lol

    Matt Mc 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Fighting with that Bird for years to attach him. At last. I know now. Thanks to you. Chicken looks insane.

    Manon G 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • You are a GENIUS … that looks delicious 🤤

    Julia Roses 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Why you are the best👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Mina Naji 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • The only thing I thought I could do and it turns out there is this option? Oh damn … Jamie you are right. That roasting of a chicken just went up defiinitly three notches.

    Mr C 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Did you say Salam Ibu – Ibu?? 😁😂 Indonesia language in English said " Gretings to all mother's"

    Endri Chayadi 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I made this today and the chicken tastes amazing

    Nomalanga Ntini 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Looks delicious!!! Thank you so much for the recipe and cooking lesson, Jamie!

    - Gina 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • How does Jamie manage to ruin everything he tries to cook.

    Ash Cooper 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I just had this roast chicken for dinner. It tasted great!

    anna leo 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Sorry, it's 4 notches or nothing for me

    Kevin B 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • This is my go-to roast chicken recipe now and it's amazing. Thanks kindly.

    Dan LaFreniere 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Siang Foodie❤ it

    Bhas Pegu 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • This was my first try at roast chicken. It was absolutel incredible. Thank you so much!

    Brother Ben 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Well I had him on Instagram but not no more I took him off cause I guess it was a scammer cause since when does someone like him tex a average woman a professional Chief hummmmm I wonder 🤔

    Lydia de Los Santos 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • I recommend this recipe to everyone! Great!

    Maurice Mcdonald 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • It's Jamie Oliver, so you're going to need a 55 gallon drum of olive oil.

    Ladco77 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • Excellent

    K Huszár 16/10/2022 pm2:37
  • You are a magician of cooking gentleman. Keep up the brilliant work👌👍✈️✈️✈️.

    noman ahmed 16/10/2022 pm2:37