HOW TO COOK RESTAURANT-STYLE EBI TEMPURA (Secret Technique Revealed!) || Chef Nico Garcia

Tired of attempting to make Ebi Tempura, only to end up doing Camaron Rebosado? Watch this video closely to see the step-by-step guide on how to create restaurant-quality Tempura at home. No special / branded batter mixes needed!


1. 500g Medium-sized tail-on shrimps, peeled and thawed (I used packed shrimps from the frozen section that was intended for tempura)

2. Dry Breading (1 cup Flour)

3. Batter Mix
1 cup Flour
1 cup Cornstarch
1/8 tsp (2 pinches) Hondashi
2 Egg Yolks
2 1/2 cup Ice Cold Water
2 tbsp additional Ice Cold Water

4. Enough oil for deep-frying (Depends on your pan. Mine was about 4 cups)
5. Optional: Eggplants to complement the ebi/shrimps)

NOTE: I will upload how to create Tempura sauce in my next video. Stay tuned!

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  • Have tried this recipe for our lunch today and the whole family loved it! I used to buy tempura flour but now, I won't anymore, as this batter (mixture of flour & cornstarch from this recipe) just tastes the same with the store bought tempura flour. What a saving!🥰

    Emily Vicente 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • where can i get hondashi? thanks chef 😊

    Shannah Ong 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • This recipe is LEGIT GOOD! Thank you for sharing! My family loved this!

    Z the Wolf Dog 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • What kind of oil???

    Mary Ann Lay Lanzon 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Did you use cake flour or all purpose flour??

    cutejoos 17/10/2022 am9:31
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  • May i bfr put into batter he dip in which flour is tht?

    22231182 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • What flour please!

    Hoàng Mai 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Excellent video! Thank you for teaching!

    Kay Anderson 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Wow this os so delicious nakakatakam po. Please paki dikitan din po ang munti ko bahay at pa on narin ang bell salamat po

    Sol n Max 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • I don't know what hondashi is, but I have tried to find it on the web. All I am getting is bullsh*t scam. What is hondashi?

    frigginpos 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • What is the oil temperature and what oil is used? Canola?

    Allan Teo 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • What is the dry flour you first coated on the prawns? Then you coat in the mixed flour and corn flour

    Jan Z 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Tried making tempura so many ways. I will try this process….let us see.

    Mamu's Treats and Desserts 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Tried this and the bread wouldn’t stick to the shrimp

    Blue Phat 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Wtf is Honashi ok guess can’t use this recipe lol

    Blue Phat 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Shoulda showed the sauce dude

    Blue Phat 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Chef ano po yung para sa sauce thank you. Pwede din po ba yung cake flour gamitin? Thank you again

    Abigael Basas 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Good ! Sad that you didn’t show us how you prepare the shrimp to be that flat and not curve as we fried it.

    aicha said 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Oh my food!!! Yes yes delicious making this tommorow I went to the Asian market looking for tempura mix I kept reading the back for ingredients in mix and wondered I could make this Asian store owner walks behind me says you need help and I was like yes can’t I just make this from scratch he said no it’s a special mix ……. Now I’m like 🤦🏼‍♀️ I should have trusted my gut

    Joss Kitchen 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Thank you so much for sharing this without hesitation. I am now a follwer.thank you and more blessings

    Random Joaney 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • so good and looks delicious

    lucky quintana 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Thanks for sharing this recipe 🌈

    Mary Ng shwu ling 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Interesting technique adding the batter to make the crumbs at the end. I just watched another video where you would make them at the beginning and lay the freshly battered prawn on a pile of them as you set them in the fryer. I will try both ways and maybe even at the same time for the extra most crisp prawns ever.

    3dPrintJudge 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • I want

    Jungs Mongoso 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Salamat po ngayun alam kuna kung paano mag luto na walang hirap god bless po💖

    Irma Gayon 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • would the technique where you sprinkle thinner batter still work in a deeper cooking pot?

    Yehochanan72 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • One cup of what flour? Plain flour? All purpose flour? Wheat flour?

    Jun C 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Is it okay to add baking powder sa batter?

    Beta Cross 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • 🥰👌👌👍👍

    Silvia Flores 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Is the breading just plain flour?

    theMidLife 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • What oil did you use?

    Marie Molina 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Im doing this right now. Thanks for the video

    Explore with Thea 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • You didn't mention anything about the separate flour dipping before the batter, now is the flour seasoned?

    Ron Mayberry 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Tempura yakuza gangster style.

    Tertia 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • Thank you for the tutorial you made it more easier and looks more delicious. Perfect for family picnic.

    Jimson Crisostomo 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • I've seen no one but this fellow beat his batter into "submission." Everyone else says don't over mix and there should be lumps. Plus, when you take it out, you don't want to stack it on top of each other but a rack or towels to get rid of excess oil.

    Ikiru Yamamoto 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • best tempura batter recipe and even more your cooking technique.. thank you!

    S3CR3T-WPN 17/10/2022 am9:31
  • The best. I love Tempura with Kikoman soy sauce

    RHOMZKIE TFT TV 17/10/2022 am9:31