How One of Philly's Best Pizza Spots Creates Jobs for the Formerly Incarcerated — First Person

At Down North Pizza in Philadelphia, not only do Muhammad Abdul-Hadi and his team serve some of the city’s best pizza, but they are also providing jobs, housing, and legal representation to formerly incarcerated individuals.

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Producer: Carla Francescutti
Directors: Carla Francescutti, Murilo Ferreira
Camera: Carla Francescutti, Murilo Ferreira
Editor: Carla Francescutti

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: Ian Stroud
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Development: Terri Ciccone, Frances Dumlao, Avery Dalal
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  • I'm a pedophile 🦈
    I'm just itching to do it again🦈

    BlueFeral 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • 🤮🤮

    Krackhead420 Meth 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Y'all are great. Of course the food looks delicious but also they way it came about and what the whole purpose is. Much respect. Keep doing what you're doing

    Logan Carroll 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • I just cant get over how dirty the pans look lol

    Edward Staley 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • I rock with these brothers HEAVY… but them Prices is CRAZY….

    LoDaKid 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Love This!

    Barry Bunker 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • When you doing anything higher than just the money it goes to another level.

    Inclusive love 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Do I hear franchise🤔

    Danesha McKoy 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Guy when you said " We don't hire anyone unless previously convicted" that hit me deep. We need a better system keep paving the way brother.

    Daniel Case 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • not to interested in hygiene clearly XD XD XD

    Rusty Shackleferd 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Respect.

    Jean-Wesley New 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Why is it so hard for people to wear gloves when making others food…

    Red Sheep 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • He was really comfortable using that scale to weight up the dough 😉 it’s like sec nature

    DuweMoto 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • James harden has to put on a diet

    Alejandro el bachatitas 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Their pizza looks so good, I wish I could live closer to get at this. I'd be ordering every weekend for sure.

    Badger 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • that pizza looks GOOD!!!

    Miller_4130 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • This looks better than any pizza in my city. Props

    J. T. Miller 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Fiore's is my favorite spot in Pittsburgh.

    Rusty Shackelford 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Finally something GOOD, someone doing some GOOD

    xXx xXhiighmenaceXx 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • That looks amazing!
    Keep up the excellent work!

    Whyinem 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • I don’t sympathize with criminals

    Combat Hamster 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • How are they expected to reintegrate if no one wants them

    Andrew Jack 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Shout out to the cannons keep doing your thing bro

    andy kelley 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Amazing work

    Imran Aliandro 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Islam is the path to true guidance.

    Kendall Kendall 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • What an amazing story!!!!!!

    gbrazor 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • "omg we give bad people jobs this is so wholesome!!"

    Mom Doer 5000 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Man this is so cool.. it's so nice to see you guys out there making a difference with awesome pizza. I love the way you guys look at life, I hope this inspires more people to elevate more things in life!

    MOLTENMETAL 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Even us veterans we can understand this more than ever. Especially if you have jobs that don't relate to much out in the civilian world.

    Cameron 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Idk if there are others .. but it’s nice to see a company with actual heart at its base .

    chayz 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • 11:50 nicely said returning citizen people can make and mistake a better their life

    Remco Nienhuis 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • This is a fantastic story and cheers to you guys , hard working, providing guidance for others in your situation and giving back to the community. Good luck 👍

    ZeroC00L 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Yall are awesome. Keep doing it 🤘🔥. And pizza looks fkn good. Wish I could have a piece.

    M D 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Dannnnnnnnng that 🍕 looks crazy good
    Shoot me a pie down to SD 😇

    Daniel F 19/10/2022 am5:28
  • Man that look good

    Pump Maximum 19/10/2022 am5:28