How It's Made: Pre-Packaged Sandwiches

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  • Exactly, why are the workers not wearing hand gloves? It’s just so unusual

    beethi karmakar 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Why the fuck aren't they wearing gloves?

    Keith 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I’ll never buy another. Idc how much they wash their hands. Things already get touched too much

    xHappyMaskSalesmenx 22/10/2022 am7:30

    Big Stinky 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • No gloves no buy!!who knows who was scratching their balls or digging up their ass!! 🤢🤮 , I know some of u heavy ones love to dig up ur ass and smell your fingers!! Nasty, picking ur big nose and leaving bugers under your nails ewww man!!

    frank g 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Yeah show people making food with no gloves, lol, hey science channel I would take this video down.

    Ced Felda 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Those employees look disgruntle no gloves,,ewe for u'll of bacteriia

    Jack Sheet 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Mmmmm, worms.

    Never thought I'd hear ham being described as a "log"

    Cat 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I think the machines putting the sandwiches together are cleaner than them hands 🤣

    Lee Jones 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Like dam I know the company had to be embarrassed after watching this

    Lee Jones 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • 1:15, that cheese handling was an immediate turn-off

    Brian 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Now I know

    shimonigma games 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Last time I ate a sandwich like this one. Thanks

    Linus Pettersson 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • The bare-hand method ensures the meat support beams are sturdy and flavorful.

    Cpt. SnowMan 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I want to see how they make jet engines.

    abuzz siren86 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • It always entertains me when I watch How It’s Made. (I ate a pre-packaged ham and cheese croissant while watching this.)

    Delano Hernandez 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • No gloves 🧤 😮????????

    wyseone08 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • "How Gloves-free sandwiches are made…"

    Jonathan Cormuz 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Yea I see most or none at all wear gloves and they go to the bathroom and stuff isn’t gloves mandatory?

    Icy Choppa 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Well never again eating a premade sandwich lol like how does that states Department of health doesn't know about the disgusting no gloves lol

    Joe S 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • If you are wearing gloves and cough or sneeze then the germs are on the gloves anyway. Or if you touch something with gloves on germs are still on the gloves.

    Nick D 22/10/2022 am7:30

    AcAbookStirling 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • No gloves

    mothy's fridge 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Idk why they are not wearing gloves

    Isis Heggs 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • 장갑도 안끼고 맨손으로 하는거보니 위생에는 최악이네.손은 씻고서 하는건지…

    은지 아껴주는 천사 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I'm glad I dont eat that stuff, I never knew they were made bare handed. That's very unsanitary

    David Anderson 22/10/2022 am7:30

    AnonymAlkoholiker 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • so the packers only wear gloves?? what was the point in that

    James Kiripa 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I have so many follow up questions. Why do only the prep people wear gloves? Why do the mushy sandwiches get mechanized? How often does the poor bastard who has to spend all day with their hands covered in cheese and mayo get to clean them off?

    NoMethodOnlyMadness 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • 🥵🥵🤢 no sanitizer

    J L 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • if they wont wear gloves… ill just make my sandwich using my feet.

    Answeller 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Company name " Dirty Sandwich "😢

    PT 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • So safety gloves are optional?

    Sriharsha C V 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • my biggest take away is that the two halves in the pack arent from the same sandwich 🤯

    hannah 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • The fact that they’re not wearing gloves oh my god 🤢

    Aya Shayeb 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • No gloves? We were taught this as the very first thing in food production: always wear gloves. That is a major health hazard.

    Sweets 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • "logs of ham" is not a very appetizing phrase

    LordSmorgasbord 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Not a single glove in sight

    7obsheh 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • With every squirt of mayonnaise or butter i smell CRAPITALISM.

    John Arthur 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Mmm! Hand, body hair, and finger flavor included!

    Michael Charles 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • No gloves! Personnel with bare hands, with ringed fingers, findernails and no glove? No masks? In 2022? Are joking?

    MEHMET ESEN 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • I never eat them, now I know why… bare hands, are you kidding me

    Becky Garcia 22/10/2022 am7:30

    fred flintstoner 22/10/2022 am7:30
  • Mrs Richards: "I paid for a room with a view!"

    Basil: (pointing to the lovely view) "That is Torquay, Madam."

    Mrs Richards: "It's not good enough!"

    Basil: "May I ask what you were expecting to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically past?…"

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    fred flintstoner 22/10/2022 am7:30