How It's Actually Made – Bread

Bread is one of the most common foods on earth, and ends up in everything from main courses to desserts. Here’s how it’s made.




  • Now I know why my bread has hair in it, moustache man needs a mask 😅

    M 89 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • bred

    Lectryack 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • If you don't know this exists purely as a joke by "carb coffin," you seriously need to reevaluate your life

    Raydok 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • This helped me learn and how to make bread

    JacksonGamezandothercringe 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • CNN: Let’s get this bread.

    Jameson Shekmeister 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • i have been around since the beggining of time. This IS in fact how bread is made

    nolan gaskill 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • dipped in gravy?

    A. T. 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Crust our loaf and savory?

    Bread 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • I did nothing but teleport bread for three days straight

    Micah H 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • if I ever go down the wrong path and become a teacher imma convince them this is real

    Sepplin_NL 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Bread 👍🍞

    Your_Local_Plage_Doctor 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Pov: in a parallel universe

    SUPERBOOPER 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • I love that I work customer service in a bakery so I don’t know anything but I see some of the things used and recognise it

    Sparrow’s Call 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • its the best thing since sliced bread

    whyuask 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Bread 👍

    EddyKidPlayzYT 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Tony hirst is the best

    LogiconiX 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Bread 👍

    Goldie 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • Problem: the officially mustached man at my local bread factory is an Austrian man who wanted to be an artist but decided to go into politics. I don't know why he's there

    Thomas farquhar 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • For anyone confused, this video was featured in "5 things to know for Feb. 28" by CNN
    They put the video at the bottom of the page, not knowing it was satire
    For more information, go to

    Orion Hunter 23/10/2022 pm9:25
  • ive been breading since i was baked as a baby loaf and i can assure you that this tutorial is 100% factual. Stay bread, my loafs, peace.

    TreyAnimation Z 23/10/2022 pm9:25