How I Make Sourdough Bread Every Day In LESS Than 30 Minutes (hands-on time)

This is the process that I use to bake sourdough bread every day. I’ve cut the process down to a minimum while making sure that I still get a fantastic loaf of bread.

It’s not quite as speedy as my no-knead recipe but the crumb is a little more organised with less of a random open crumb.

Lames de Boulanger



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Avoid sticky dough:

0:21 Feeding starter
1:05 Mixing the main dough
2:50 Quick knead
3:07 Stretch & Fold
4:55 Shape
6:18 Scoring & Bake




  • It's 69.5 percent hydration. It is best to point that out! Lower hydration of 70 percent you can skip many of the processes multiple stretch and fold, pre-shaping ect ….. but the bread will be denser but great for making sandwiches.

    dr rd 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Fantastic video! well done and thank you for sharing!!!! Keep up the great content

    Matthew Ellis 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Do you feed the jar scrapings straight from the fridge and what time did you mix the starter thanks.

    Iain Wallington 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • thank you for this perfect explanation

    phony montana 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Damn dude, this man worked on a bread for over two days. Man just how much I hate cooking for this exact reason… All the more reason to just hire a cook to do everything for you and you get to enjoy your time.

    M I T R O I 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • "In less than 30 minutes" and the whole process actually takes almost 3 days 😅. I was really wondering how the dude will be able to bake a whole bread in just half an hour for the whole process, is the only reason I even clicked and watched the video.

    M I T R O I 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • you always mentioning high protein content – what's a good number for grams of protein to get to that 10 – 13% you keep talking about

    Brad Martz 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • You make dinner at 9?

    Love the video, though!

    James Mason 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Thank you so much. I have never baked bread before but I'll definitely give it a try.

    ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ ΒΟΥΓΙΟΥΚΛΗΣ 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • I’m so so so glad I clicked on him!!!!♥️🇨🇦♥️🇨🇦♥️🇨🇦

    Carmen J 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • How is this 30 min

    FrozenRogue89 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Would you mind sharing how high (at the peak but not including the ear) this bread gets? I'm working on perfecting the execution of this one and I want to know how much higher I might be able to get it. My crumb looks like it could expand a little more but it seems pretty close.

    Amy L 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Thank you sir, this looks very easy; I'll surely try this on Saturday!

    Skinny Dee 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • ah if there's one thing I love about being in the US South it's that the warm temps are great for baking quickly. Your inside temp is my outside temperature during winter lol

    Wilhelm se Leorningcniht 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Très bon travail.

    eric99vigne 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • I think I’ll buy my sourdough from a shop! However, fantastic loaf though!

    Monkfish39 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • 30 min 😂😂😂

    Mazen Ayadi 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Phil, I've been having really great results with this recipe (with strong Canadian flour – 14.9 protein, sometimes including 50g wholemeal). Have to admit that I stretch & fold every hour during bulk fermentation, though. What I don't understand is the very low hydration (40.8%? – 750g total ingredients, 306g water, 486g flour) compared with every other recipe I've seen. Or have I got that calculation wrong?

    Richard Lyon 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • So it actually takes 48 hours. Not 30 miniutes

    o0MadHouse0o 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Exelent

    Federico Machon 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • Thank you!

    Теодор К. 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • A question: could I let this dough proof for 12 hours at room temperature while I am working my shift? And then transfer to the fridge?

    Chantelle Ropp 20/10/2022 am9:27
  • How do you get the first starter?

    Fred Midtgaard 20/10/2022 am9:27