How Fries Are Enjoyed Around The World

Famously disputed between France and Belgium, fries have made an impact worldwide. From Canadian poutine to South African slap chips, we’ll explore the multitude of toppings and condiments that make fries unique around the world.

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How Fries Are Enjoyed Around The World



  • I dipped mine in ice cream

    C honeybunch 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Fries, the simpler the better

    Syrup Pulse 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • You forgot the main way the Dutch eat fries it’s called friet speciaal in English fries special it hase mayonaise sweet curry sauce and raw union and it’s amazing❤

    oscar zanen 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • i wanna eat poutine again

    Mr, RailwayHam 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • It was first done in Namur, which is currently part of Belgium, but a large part of Europe was owned by the French at that time.

    Nathan Lebacq 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • A

    Asha Kahin 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • The only way to eat fries is ketchup and frie

    All things magical🪄 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Damn I kinda want the us fries
    Edit: And don't forget the mayo and fries 🙂
    I also wanna try that :0

    JunJieRBX_2 Gaming 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • I love
    – France
    – Chipes
    – Mayonnaise

    Goofy ahh 🇵🇰 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • what color is your Bugatti?

    custom 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • ok

    custom 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Halal snack pack > Regular chips

    Karl Hungus 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • You wanna know how fries is enjoyed in the Philippines?

    Ice cream on top of fries

    Carmel Laquinta 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • you guys should try kenyan 'chipo mwitu"

    lm002 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • people get mad at me for putting mayo on any potato i eat but it is so delicious

    DONT CLICK ON MY PROFILE PICTURE!!!! 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • I wish I could try all of them. As a Greek I can confirm that some people even eat Gyro in a Weekly basis. It surely is the best thing I ever had the chance to appreciate.

    CreeperGhast59 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Potato’s are everything

    benzjiman 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Pakistanis enjoy fries with chaat masala and ketchup 😋

    Quran Online At YouTube 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • 1:27 i pass that place every day

    0_Darky 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Some here are fries some are chips

    Ocelot_Zz 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • Also over here sausages and chips in the uk are very popular as well

    Arthur plays Man Utd fan 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • We all know that fries in vanilla ice cream is the best

    Bryan Megio 20/10/2022 am4:28
  • you didn't explore the people, who eat itwith mustardlikeme

    Brokkrep 20/10/2022 am4:28