How Do You Butter Bread with Hard Butter?


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  • Just heat the knife up a bit

    Keve Collins 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • I just use the butter like a glue stick it works🤷‍♀️

    PM 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • It’s because you don’t “spread” cold butter, you take a small amount on your knife, push the butter onto the bread and kind of swipe down. Once you’ve placed the butter you don’t try to keep spreading it or your bread will rip. You repeat this step until your bread is buttered.

    Rene Heremaia 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Or keep your butter on the counter so it’s soft, or use warm toast, or use becel instead of butter

    Kaitlin Mae 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Or leave the butter out of the fridge for 15 minutes before you make fresh toast?

    covertyankee 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Maybe if it wasn’t frozen… I don’t know, warm it up a bit?!

    Jaydawg621 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Your toast is cold ❄ lady 😅

    silhoutte81 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Or you could think ahead and buy squeeze butter.

    Dave Sharkey 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • You rock, ❤👍👍

    NY MA KS CO 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • I mean, if you put your butter into a dish, or better yet it comes in it's own bowl already, and then mash and mix it a few times before scooping and spreading, that helps

    todd collings 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Me who just made toast and had this exact problem 40 mins ago 👁️ 👃 👁️

    Amber V 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Alternatively, you could just not refrigerate your butter? I have no idea why people started doing that, butter keeps just fine at room temperature.

    maddie 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Use the butter like a glue stick

    Caerson Naranjas 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Many many more.
    Plan ahead.
    Room temperature baby.
    Or use the microwave , just soften the butter a little.

    Melted butter …spread with a kitchen brush.

    Hot pan… melted butter…Put your toast on top of the butter.

    Or Buy spreadable or squeezable butter

    quepanchonjr 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • wtf 😳

    Andrew Ismailov 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Or are you just keep a stick out at room temperature all the time

    Michael Watanabe 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • Jesus the shit women think about, shaving butter and painting nails and shit, just super useless

    c10wn baby 26/10/2022 am3:05
  • How about you put a hot cup or bowl over you butter for a few minutes on a plate

    DeLane Ingallina 26/10/2022 am3:05