homemade crispy perfect french fries recipe with tips & tricks | crispy finger chips

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french fries recipe | finger chips | how to make homemade french fries with detailed photo and video recipe. a hugely popular deep-fried snack recipe made with less starch potatoes. the concept of french fries was popularised by the fast-food chain mcdonalds and served as sides with burger or sandwich meal. store-bought comes with artificial preservatives for the extra stiffness, but the same can be achieved in homemade without any preservatives.
french fries recipe | finger chips | how to make homemade french fries with step by step photo and video recipe. potato-based snack recipes are very common across the globe. even in india, it is widely used to make different types of snacks including pakora, fry, bajji’s and even with street food manchurians. but the popular variations is its chips and french fries offerings known for its crisp and tasty.



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