Heston's Perfect Crispy Roast Chicken – part 1 – BBC

Heston Blumenthal talks through his four step Roast Chicken recipe. You’ll need a pan of boiling water, a bowl of iced water and a whole chicken to get started. Delicious recipe with a scientific eye from Michelin award winning chef’s BBC cookery show ‘In Search of Perfection’.
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  • Is there a recipe that doesn't require to waste 2 oceans of water ?

    Dimitris Athanasiou 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Or just put it in the oven

    Moviemassacre1987 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • "Stage 1 to graduate with a masters in Biochemistry"

    J M 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • 1:18 Wait what! Boiling water is hot? Well thats surprising 😂

    AdamBG02 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • This recipe has me ready for bed – Lost me at 8% solution 😂

    The_ArmaDylo 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • I appreciate the great effort but….
    This is Dr.Frankenstein's lab !!!
    Wait a second….
    This is a joke. Right?

    W. Loczykij 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Hey guys, just finished part 1! Boy, 12 years goes by quick.

    Richard Langly 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • where is part 2

    someone else 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • People taking the piss out of how long it takes… it’s his style get over it

    Beanbag 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • So this is why we now have to "save water"

    a human 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • I want a roast chicken
    Your order is taken
    Come after 48 hours
    You gonna get a best roast chicken In the world

    nithin ps 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • What a load of poncing about……cooking kills the bacteria!
    He washes his hands…then grabs the chicken. lol

    jimbop 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • What's lame is the NUMEROUS comments about how long it takes. After the 20th joke, it's not funny anymore guys. Sheesh.🙄🙄

    The Praying Pescatarian 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • This recipe gets passed down from generation to generation due to how long it takes to make

    Robert Rodriguez 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Why go all defensive by saying “the Chinese do this with ducks”, just get on with it lad, own it, it’s all good.

    Nath L 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • My dad started cooking this when I was 1 years old im now 30 and it's still not finished 😑

    Gator Plays 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • So basically the chicken goes to the spa

    Zidane Steiner 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Here for the comments! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Arjun Sengupta 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • This is why school lunch programs are so important.

    MA P 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • 3:05, yeah well I'm trying to cook the chicken, compared to cooking my hand

    Ghoti Fish 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Somebody should tell him, the fuel prices has increased 🐔 🙄 since his started..

    Ahmet Tasan 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • ASDA made me stop eating chicken 🐔. They have the worst quality chicken in the entire Europe. 😒

    TheZagiello 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • …..or, you could just put it in the oven.

    spanish peaches 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Looks interesting. I'm just missing the flavour and spices. But I guess it's just a demonstration of the technique?

    Harpsichoré 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • This is ludicrous. He's using about 100 litres of clean water before the chicken even goes in the oven. Because of his stupidly low oven temperature he has to raise a massive pan of water to the boil to sterilise it instead of just cooking the damn bird slightly hotter.

    Quite apart from the daft amount of time and effort required, the earth itself weeps if you cook this way.

    Jonathan Taylor 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • It will be ready just in time for the Queens100th birthday celebrations I've heard !!!!

    James Barry jr 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • steel making has the same process

    Prad Bourne 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Damn that's some effort! And I was feeling inpatient when he said change the water every 15 minutes😅

    Nzbruz 1 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • I started cooking the chicken last month. The dish is far from ready. But, last night something unexpected happened. The chicken finally spilled the beans. I now know why she crossed the road.

    argha patra 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • Yeah….KFC it is

    Michael Rugeiyamu 23/10/2022 pm11:40
  • After this you have a gold chicken worth 1.5 million.

    Michael okeefe 23/10/2022 pm11:40