Here's How McDonald's French Fries Are Made. Food Production Processes

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Wanna see how the giant McDonald’s corporation makes its burgers and other stuff? Then let’s get it on!

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  • Thanks for watching!

    #Mind Warehouse 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • How to make cheese, just cut it. Quick production video just like the food.. Might aswell eat blended roadkill.

    eben 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • That old software UI just shows how behind they are on their ingrediens.

    eben 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • This shit obviously fake but I don't care I'm here for a good time not a long time, buh du du da da!

    PrimeChops 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • 05:41 I wanna be the guy who touches all the pickles

    Darryl 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • NoW LeTs GeT iT oN

    april smith 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • They are so full of sh**. Nothing is fresh, and it contains chemicals to keep it from going rottin.

    Daniel Rodrigues 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • What? a video with no background music? How is it even possible? I wonder how the remaining 4billion people on YouTube didn't think of that.

    maher channel قناة ماهر 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • This is BS.u go to McDonald's n everything it's cheap n old ….but Whatabuger can teast the freshness,

    Gonzalo Gutierrez 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • did he just say mix coca cola with carbon monoxide

    Matt C 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • 👎 dislike how do McDonald’s buns have to do with French fries?? Boy did this editor mess up? Should be fired

    dlarson753 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • The Longest McDonald's ad I've ever seen.

    Lee D 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Disgusting. Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. Also, I can’t imagine what else was done with those machines. 😢

    Lauren Thomas 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Wish so much No PICKLE

    Paul Covell 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • This is so good so you will get a McDonald's to do

    Levi Webster 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • 😊Lovely 👍

    infoabhitech 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • I wonder how many cows it takes to produce 3 million patties in a day.

    Edit: 6:01 Celery?

    Hazardous 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Jesus answered, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

    Jesus The Light Of The World 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Why are the potato french fires are packed in russian boxes? lol

    Chenhao Wang 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • It's funny that a Burger King commercial popped up in the middle of this video.

    James Heinle 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • The tomatoes referred to at 6:01 look suspiciously like celery.

    Todd Slimmer 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • This is somewhat true, but unrealistic

    Brian Mullet 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • McDonald's actually doesn't use Heinz ketchup anymore. They manufacture their own ketchup now using their own recipe.

    RZ 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Tell me which mcdonalds serves bottled coke…

    TEXASBLAZE 101 18/10/2022 am7:35
  • Bring back beef tallow!

    CHASE LESANDO 18/10/2022 am7:35